Crafting Community Over Social Distance

Despite the physical distance between us, Craft is getting creative and continuing to foster strong connections over social distance.

The coronavirus crisis has drastically altered the way the Craft community conducts itself.  Despite the physical distance between us, Craft is getting creative and continuing to foster strong connections.

In this time of upheaval, craft makers nationwide adjusted their service models to keep up and everyone is pitching in to support the folks most impacted.  We’ve been heartened to see the creative tools of our Craft colleaguessomething we’ve always known about, but we’re seeing some amazing examples lately!

Touch-Free Payment & Online Ordering

Inspired by the creativity of friends in the community, tech companies are racing to meet the needs of the craft businesses.  Here at Arryved, our developers went into overdrive to prioritize features that are necessary now.  

Arryved Mobile is a consumer-facing application that eliminates the need for guests to sign on shared devices.  Mobile payment capabilities free craft purveyors and craft enthusiasts to continue enjoying their favorite libations while socially distant. 

Touch-free payment is a game changer now that “touch” is the new 5-letter word.  In addition to employing heightened cleanliness standards, guests and business owners are looking for ways to transact without sharing devices or passing credit cards.

Mobile payment is the perfect partner to a trend sweeping the nation: Brew-Thrus.  Guests start a tab from their car (or even their homes) and when they place their order, it appears instantly in the app!  The order is delivered curbside and they can pay and tip from the comfort of their own vehicle. Social distance safe!

Cabarrus Brewing made a great instructional video on using Arryved Mobile in their Brew-Thru!

Social distance brew thru

Many craft purveyors around the country are turning to mobile payment methods to get their fans the goods, touch-free!

Social Distance with mobile payment

Another touch-free solution, online ordering is instrumental to keeping libations flowing.  Arryved Online allows guests to get the beverages they thirst for from the safety of their own homes.  Fulfill your online orders through pickup or delivery (but don’t forget to check IDs!)

Connection From a Social Distance

The connections forged over a craft cocktail or a pint of craft beer are unparalleled. We love seeing craft makers create community even with the physical and social distance between us. Many breweries are utilizing the power of social media to continue to connect with their people through the space between us.

Various social media platforms offer live video capabilities and businesses are getting creative with it. You don’t necessarily need to cancel an event because of mandated closures – take it virtual! Host Stay Home Dance Parties like TrimTab Brewing in Alabama, virtual trivia like Eureka Heights Brewing in Texas, or even a virtual charity bike ride, like Abita Brewing in Louisiana. 

Social distance dance party

Eureuka Heights over Social Distance

Socially distant bikes and beer

The sky’s the limit!  Continue to connect and forge bonds in the community, despite the social distance dividing us.

Craft purveyors also have the power to encourage their customers to #stayhome and enjoy delicious wares from the comfort of their couch! Barrel Culture Brewing and Blending in North Carolina is hosting a photo contest on Instagram for the best photo of at-home enjoyment of their beer! It’s a win-win. Guests are rewarded for staying home and staying healthy, and Barrel Culture earns a lifelong fan.

Social Distance and Barrel Culture contest

Craft makers are also using social media to communicate changes and deals.  Many folks offer case discounts or other incentives for guests to stock up their home supply and leave the house less, per social distancing recommendations.

Avant Garde Aleworks in Colorado is using a to-go beer punch card which will be redeemable for draft beer when the brewery reopens.

Social Distance at Avant Garde Aleworks

Other businesses are expanding their menu to meet the needs of today. Company Brewing out of Wisconsin is offering a roll of toilet paper with every purchase. Denver Distillery and Ballmer Peak Distillery aren’t just distilling whiskey—they’re now producing hand sanitizer, too!

Our hearts warm at the inspiring stories of businesses supporting each othera great way to build community within the craft industry and give guests even more reason to support the whole. Barriehaus Beer Company in Florida created the #BeerItForward campaign, in which another local brewery purchased crowlers for the first handful of people who came in for their beer-to-go.  Barriehaus continued the trend in their area! What a great way for one business to help another, and help their customers too!

4 Noses Brewing in Colorado is also helping out neighboring breweries by selling beer from their friends!  4 Noses customers will enjoy beer-to-go from multiple local breweries, another example of building up the nearby brewing community.

Amidst the news and noise, we could all use a moment of peace. Bent Paddle Brewing in Minnesota gives us that moment of peace with this babbling brook video. It breaks up the scrolling and gives folks a moment of respite in a world that’s changing by the hour.

Have you found any techniques that work particularly well to continue fostering community in these times?  Share them with us and we’ll add them to our next post!