Point of Sale Features

  • Complete mobility

  • Seamless team-based service

  • All orders synced real-time across all devices

  • Track guest movement throughout your venue

  • Order at the bar or table service

  • Keep guest cards on file safely and securely

  • Use offsite for festivals and events​​​

  • Manage and run a loyalty program, built-in to your point of sale 

Service Models


  • Tab navigation (mine, all, old, new)

  • Customized order buttons with flexible sizing

  • Immediate inventory updates across devices

  • Predictive modifiers & notes

  • Access to all open tabs with realtime syncing

  • Tab detail, notes and tags available across all devices

  • Forced modifiers, including up-charge and down-charge

  • Custom venue menus

  • Easy flight management

  • Tab tagging

  • Offline mode for unexpected internet or power outages

  • 86/68 items from POS

  • Keg deposit tracking​​​​

  • Seat map

  • Timed menus

  • Rolling tabs

  • Simple tab merge actions

Payment Options

  • Card on file—Open tabs without keeping the Credit Card

  • Easy tab splitting

  • Comps by item, by tab, custom

  • Quick close payment options

  • Manual Payment

  • Partial vs full payment

  • Merge

  • Gift cards management

  • Digital and receipt signature​

Management Tools

  • Labor roles and permissions

  • Unique staff logins

  • Time clock management

  • Labor vs Sales reporting

  • Closeout by location, and by shift

  • Set Counts

  • Kick by size

  • <60 seconds inventory updates across all devices

  • Automated tip pooling

  • Employee roles and permissions management​

  • Integrated with Ekos


  • Cloud based portal - available anywhere/anytime

  • Drill down analytics

  • Visual data

  • Track individual item performance or category based performance

  • Sales by hour

  • Daily sales summary by email

  • Ounce depeletion tracking

  • Keg Deposit Tracking

  • Report filtering, summaries by employee, comp type, venyu, payment type etc

  • Comp tracking

  • Tag tracking

  • Accounting suite - category sales, sales tax etc

  • Reporting sections

  • Exports csv, xcel, pdf

  • Customer stats

  • Obeer upload and custom reporting

  • Inventory editing from anywhere

  • Venue custom settings - sort menu items, quantity, tips, seat map, etc

  • Location settings - custom item types, custom sizes and depletion rates, custom arrangment

  • Tax

  • Tab search on portal - pdf receipts​


  • Support - phone line, email

  • Android based system (tablets and phones)

  • Access to development team, customers as partners, high touch

  • Payment processing

  • Epson and Samsung Reseller

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