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for your pizzeria

Elevate your guest experience with Arryved: the first flexible, customizable, mobile POS designed exclusively for craft food and beverage.

Arryved POS for Your Pizzeria
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Let your excellence shine.

Your brick oven pizza doesn’t deserve a brick oven POS.

Arryved POS is designed for a memorable guest experience—providing your team with the flexible, mobile service tools they need to deliver just that. Get online ordering, easy tab splitting and merging, and more pizza-centric tools with Arryved Point of Sale.

How it works


”I was interviewing my new chef the other day and he asked me about my point of sale. I said, ‘If these people asked me to go to war for them, I think I’d say yes.’ He said, ‘That’s the weirdest thing to say about a point of sale.’ I don’t know how to explain my loyalty to them but that’s kind of where I’m at.”


”It has been amazing to have your system because it just facilitates so much. The reports and analysis of data, we use it to see what sold at what times. If the sales are low, let’s say on a Wednesday at 3pm, then I bring some programming to compensate, which brings people in. You’ve made our lives very easy.”


”Arryved has been great. We always talk about it very highly to everyone. We’ve been using the app a lot. We call it our app, our Arryved app. We have the little QR code. We really appreciate you guys being able to turn things around quickly and we look forward to the future advancements because I know you guys are continuing to work on more and more. We have people calling us all the time telling us about how we can save money and I tell them, there’s a lot more to it than rates. I tell them I’m not switching POS.”


“Since our July of 2016 launch with Arryved we have gained immeasurable progress in service efficiency, which ultimately creates greater opportunities for heightened levels of hospitality. The convenience and flexibility the platform delivers allows the staff to spend more time at their tables connecting and building relationships with our guests. ”

Dry Dock

”We’ve definitely noticed an increase in productivity among the bartenders. Efficiency has gone through the roof. Customers love it! They notice a big difference. One of the coolest things is when you take an order and while you’re still talking to the table the beer shows up. The customers say, ‘how did that happen?’. That one never gets old.”

Left Hand Brewing Company

”The time, effort, and patience that was put in by everyone on the Arryved team, along with the functionality of the system itself, made choosing Arryved a no brainer. If you are looking for a Tasting Room/Brewery centric POS system, Arryved is the way to go.”


Wow Your Guests

Experience is your brand. Arryved lets your service shine, so you can do what you do best: show your customers a darn good time.


Flex And Grow

A Saturday in June is different than a Tuesday in February. Your POS should enable your team to adapt to the needs of your guests any time, any day and any season.


Guess Less, Know More

If you’ve been wondering which pie pairs best with Tuesday night trivia, you’ll finally have the real-time insights and in-depth analytics to serve up what your guests are looking for.


Grow Your Business

Nothing matters more than your guests. Arryved helps you invest in them—improving your top line, your bottom line, and your waiting line.

Our Clients

Crafted With Love

When you’re on the line, so is Arryved.

Our passion is building great products for people like us—people who are living their passion in the food and beverage industry. Our team is stacked with former owners, GMs, chefs, servers and more. When you need assistance, get help from our expert customer support team who know the industry, and will problem-solve with you. Grow your business with Arryved.

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Arryved Began As Any Good Story Should: Over A Beer

We were sitting at one of our favorite breweries, sipping on some of our favorite brews, watching the waitstaff run frantically about, struggling to keep up with the crowd at what had become one of Boulder’s most popular…

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