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May 18, 2020

Arryved Service (v 1.7.4)

  • Special Tag Processing: Tab tags that trigger specific actions
  • Order Fulfillment screen to manage unfulfilled orders
  • Ability to require Tip Claim at Employee Closeout
  • Improved Tab Ownership & Transfer controls
  • Additional improvements through bug fixes & performance optimization

Arryved Portal

  • Reporting:
    • NEW: SBA Restaurant Revitalization Fund Report 
    • NEW: Ability to exclude Gift Card & Deposit sales from Net Sales
  • System Administration & Configuration
    • Allow SuperAdmins to modify Gift Cards & Printer Default settings
    • Define Public Names for Venues & Tables (Standard & Floor plan)
    • Inventory Item: Item can only have a single instance of a modifier when using Type of Online and/or All
    • Updates to California Overtime calculations, based on law changes
    • Special Tag Processing: Tab tags that trigger specific actions 
  • Additional improvements through bug fixes & performance optimization

Arryved Online

  • OpenTab:
    • Allow guests can view menu(s) and/or build their first order before starting a tab
    • Better handling of Order Fulfillment & Payment related errors
    • Additional improvements through bug fixes & performance optimization

Arryved Insider

  • Branding & usability improvements

Arryved Print Controller (v0.1.6)

  • Control all your OpenTab, Web Site, and local PrintJobs in one place

April 16, 2021

Arryved Service (v 1.7)

  • Display & manage OpenTab tabs/orders
  • Display OpenTab & Check-ID tags on tickets
  • Display OpenTab orders on ORDER screen
  • Additional improvements through bug fixes & performance optimization

Arryved Portal

  • Reporting:
    • NEW: Gift Card Modification Report
    • NEW: Printer Default Audit Log
    • Company Level Tax Report: Improved visibility for individual site totals
  • System Administration & Configuration
    • NEW: OpenTab Settings
    • NEW: Additional Printer settings to better support print coordination between Arryved Online, OpenTab & Arryved Service
    • Allow SuperAdmins to modify Gift Cards & Printer Default Settings
    • Define Public Names for Venues & Tables (Standard & Floor plan)

Arryved Online

  • OpenTab:
    • Better handling of Order Fulfillment & Payment related errors
    • Additional improvements through bug fixes & performance optimization

Arryved Print Controller (v0.1.6)

  • Control all your Arryved Online, OpenTab & Arryved Service PrintJobs in one place

March 11, 2021

Arryved Service (v 1.6)

  • Flight improvements (Fixed 2-item preset flights display correctly, flight pricing respects quantity picker) 
  • Prevent back button from bypassing “Require staff login” after digital payment, if pref is enabled
  • Deactivated ‘Print’ button for Sales & Labor reports under Staff > Reports
  • Updated Support hours on Staff page
  • Improved ability to give customers option to link card on file to Insider Acct
  • Search orders by purchaser name, table, pickup name, phone on the ORDER screen
  • Do not display buttons for ‘Inactive’ sizes
  • Hide Individual Closeout, if pref is enabled
  • Update ticket format for kitchen flights to better display flight information
  • Allow merchants to search for Insider account by Member Id within “Insider Name Lookup”

Arryved Portal

  • New Report: Company Level Tax Report

Arryved Online

  • “Name on ID (if different)” now appears in Arryved Service (order details) & Online & App Reports in Arryved Portal and Email confirmations
  • Flight improvements (2-item preset flights appear in online store, details added to receipts, flights that include children with forced mods are no longer displayed in menus)
  • Improved how modifiers display when used multiple times with the same item
  • Improved error handling for CVV Mismatch, cart & inventory related errors
  • Reporting:

          • Undelivered Tab Reports – Updated recipient DOB

          • Fulfillment Time now references the time in which a tab was marked delivered/picked up in Service

Arryved Insider

  • Merchants with private Insider programs are no longer visible on during signup & in the “Browse Programs” feature
  • Improved point accumulation systems to ensure points are awarded if they were not automatically awarded at time of purchase
  • Offer fields not related to Online Offers no longer display
  • Reporting:

          • Comp Report: improved reporting of company level offers

          • Insider Adjustment Report: View portal activities related to Arryved Insider.


January 25, 2021

Arryved Service (v 1.5.1)

  • Add Insider Name Lookup within the Active Consumers screen
  • Maintain digital signature screen when Service is auto logged-out
  • Stability improvements for BBPOS Chipper

Arryved Online

  • Modality Instructions displayed on the related Modality/Order Info page
  • Display minimum spend amount in the error message for discount codes
  • Reporting

          • Online Order: DOB moved to unique column; Address split to unique columns; Instructions column provides ID name, Pickup name/DOB, Curbside Make/Model, Delivery Instructions

          • Undelivered Tabs: DOB moved to unique column; Address split to unique columns; Instructions column provides ID name, Pickup name/DOB, Curbside Make/Model, Delivery Instructions

          • Online Sales: Address, City, State, Zip included

          • Online Sales Tax: Address, City, State, Zip included

  • Improvements to Pickup person name validation
  • Ordering a flight – multiple times, but with different children – prints on receipts & tickets correctly (BU1-I16)
  • Update “Who are you selling to…” setting’s tooltip content with restricted categories
  • Max items per order take flight children into account
  • Online Store Settings:

          • Retired Online Store v1 (removed links to v1 store, “Online Store Version” now SU only)

          • Retired “Display California Prop 65 Warning”

          • Retired “Allow non-alcohol purchases for under 21”

          • Custom Message character limit increased to 1000

  • Resolved errors related to validating pickup & delivery information
  • Improved responsiveness of  Age Verification screen
  • Contact information (Name, Phone, Email) is now collected on Order Information screen (rather than the payment screen)
  • New contact information field (“Name on ID, if different”) to collect ID name if different than name of the person placing the order
  • Reporting

          • “Time Delivered” displays delivery timestamp instead of tab timestamp

Arryved Portal

  • “Inventory Item” field is hidden when setting up a BYO flight
  • Reporting 
    • Discrepant tabs report now takes use tax into account (Mantis 2948)
  • Improvements to Forced modifier validation errors

Arryved Mobile (v 1.1.2)

  • Receipts display Gift Card & Cash payments correctly
  • Require users to sign back in after long period of inactivity

Arryved Insider

  • Improvements to Offer Retiring errors
  • Update discount codes to only allow the following characters in discount code names: A-Z, a-z, 0-9 . Codes must have a Minimum of 4 and Maximum of 14 characters.
  • Allow Expired or inactive discount codes to be reused


December 17, 2020

Arryved Service 1.5

  • New Customization:

          • Hide Arryved Insider button on the Payment Signature screen

  • Flights:

          • Screens updated to better display parent & children items

          • Order of Preset flight child items now based on entry order in Arryved Portal

  • Cash Actions

          • New Action Buttons to better record specific cash actions

          • “Cash Tip” buttons renamed to “Tip Claim” to better indicate their purpose

  • Global Quantity button pref correctly honored on all dialog screens
  • New FAQ page added to Staff page
  • Loyalty members recognized on card swipe with existing payment instruments

Arryved Portal

  • Reporting

          • Sales Summary by Size: Summary line added

• Sales By Source: ‘Closed With’ data corrected

Arryved Online

  • Updates to Online Store Settings

          • Who are you selling to and what are you selling them?
          • Custom Product Warning text block
          • Truncate Custom Message
          • Option to display/not display “additional notes” field for pickup
          • Daily schedules can be ALL DAY OR specific times, not both

  • Items in a Preset Flight display in the order they were added to the flight in Arryved Portal
  • Improved responsiveness of modality screen
  • Improved error handling for inventory related errors
  • Ability to set a custom warning message on the bottom of the payment screen (merchants can use it to set government warnings)
  • Items with long names that are included in Flights are wrapped or truncated

Arryved Insider

  • Online Discount Code (Online Offer) Set-up

          • Online Offers have a 6 hour activation delay and minimum duration of 6 hours

          • Set a Minimum Spend for Amount Off Tab Discount Codes


November 16, 2020

Arryved Portal

  • Sales Summary

          • Split “Checks Average” into two rows – a row for all checks and a row that excludes $0 checks

          • Removed rows that did not display data (Carried Over, Transferred In & Transferred Out)

          • Update Tips section of the Sales Summary to better display Cash actions/tips

  • Online Store Discount Codes

          • New Insider Offer type: Online Offer

          • Report Updates: Operations -> Comp report, Accounting -> Discount Report, Online and App -> Online Sales Report, Online and App -> Online Sales Tax Report

  • Online Ordering Settings: Reduced character limit to 500 for “Additional Notes Label Text”
  • Saving a forced mod with a blank min or max will default them to 0

Arryved Online

  • Discount Codes
  • Updated Age Check flow: Customers select 21+ or Under 21 on Age Check screen & input date of birth (if required) during order details
  • Improved Custom Message line spacing in Safari 
  • Custom header expands/crops to fill the browser window rather than tiling
  • Inventory images are centered in the display area
  • Delivery address displays on Delivery thank you screen
  • Respect Portal Pref “Show Store Hours in Customer UI”

Arryved Insider

  • Ability to turn point accumulation on/off & point accumulation email notifications on/off


October 20, 2020

Arryved Service 1.3

  • Login screen indicates if Print Mastering is enabled 
  • “Prompt for email receipt in Payment flow” location preference is honored in Service 
  • The on-screen itemized receipt in the Digital Signature flow displays Unit Size
  • Quantity is now respected in Market-price Flight Pricing 
  • <Time>-(<Modality>) Filter available on the Order Screen
  • Tab Tags should show as Blue, not black
  • New Location Pref: show X (to close the window) on Thank You screen

Arryved Portal

  • Arryved Online v2 preferences
  • Sales summary is now exportable to CSV and XLS
  • New Location Pref: Filter Portal roles and only show the highest permission role for a location
  • Retain dates for Dashboard & Sales summary when changing between locations

Arryved Online

  • Arryved Online v2 platform

Arryved Mobile

  • Notification if a card type is not accepted at an establishment
  • Improved UX regarding location settings
  • Performance & usability improvements


September 30, 2020

Arryved Portal

  • Column Headers and Sorting Gone from Draft Beer Report
  • Item Type filter added to Draft Beer Report
  • Error generating Undelivered Tab report
  • Undelivered Tabs report moved to Reporting > Online and App
  • Undelivered Tab report typo resolved
  • Failed Payment report includes column for transaction source (service/online/mobile)
  • Pay week start time respected in View Hours, Employee Time Card & Time Card Summary for times other than the default of 4am
  • Inactive/ Kicked Toggle-boxes filter as expected on Sort Menu pages within a Venue
  • Comps with an invalid amount (3 or more decimal places) are no longer accepted on Comp Type screen

Arryved Mobile

  • Stability & performance improvements


August 26, 2020

Arryved Portal

  • Portal user accounts are locked after continuous attempts to login w/ an incorrect auth code
  • Online Ordering Settings: For delivery, the same postal code cannot be added twice.
  • Menu Sort Drag and Drop improvements when an Item Type is selected
  • EOD report only appears when EOD tool is being used
  • Dashboard Tab Total shows Tips day of, and removes tips for past days
  • Sales Drill Down at bottom of Sales Summary expands to show additional detail
  • Sales Summary [print preview] works as expected
  • Mobile Tab Payments no longer reported as UNKNOWN in Sales Summary
  • New report: Report > Operations > Undelivered Tabs
  • Link to labor role permissions help guide resources
  • Performance & usability improvements

Arryved Online

  • Fixed typo in Pickup screen of online store

Arryved View

  • Digital Menu: Cans & Bottles no longer display as 12 oz, but as Can or Bottle
  • Online Menu: Option to display Custom Header for Online Menu


July 30, 2020

Arryved Service 1.2.0

  • Location CO now shows breakout of unclaimed Online Orders
  • Card details kept on file when swiping from the Order screen
  • Comping an item with Use Tax & Cash Discount calculates correctly
  • Option to display KICK button even with Quantity by Size turned on (reach out to Support to enable this)
  • Improve visibility for digital receipt email entry
  • Removed Messages box from Staff screen
  • Compatibility to scan 8-13 digit barcodes

Arryved Portal

  • Additional item categories (Seltzer, Cleaning Supplies, Facility, Groceries, Gift Cards, Deposit)
  • Hottest Seller consistently appears on Dashboard
  • Time Option added to Online Order Report
  • Improved stability of Opt-In Email report
  • Payroll ID added to Employee Time Card Report
  • In Tab Management Tool, check number text links to tab details
  • Improved error messages on Online Ordering Settings pages
  • Various security improvements

Arryved Online

  • Company phone number can now include an extension
  • Custom Header Logo uses default logo & white background if turned on, but images are not uploaded
  • Custom Header Logo scales correctly on all screen sizes
  • Accept Canadian Zip Codes for Billing information
  • Formatted text using WYSIWIG editor displays correctly in Online Store
  • Pickup/Curbside/Delivery/In Person added to Online Order Confirmation email subject line

Arryved View

  • Inactive item sizes removed from menus
  • Various usability & performance improvements


June 24, 2020

Arryved Online

  • Support & configure Custom Header
  • On Delivery screen, prevent Chrome’s auto-suggest dropdown for the address field from covering up the results from the Google address recommendations.
  • Improved error message for Delivery address field that clearly states that you must select a valid address from the auto-suggest list 
  • Additional scrolling for long item descriptions
  • Line breaks appear in item descriptions
  • SERVED modality now says “at our establishment” on opening page


June 10, 2020

Arryved Service (v 1.1.7)

  • Improve customer-facing text for adding card to loyalty during checkout
  • Modifying orders from Online Store no longer causes items to be in a held state
  • Arryved Service now honors just “Service” & “All” forced modifier types 
  • Prevent tipping on credits
  • On Tab Order Details screen, map click point does not show when there’s no mappable address
  • Name and DOB of Pickup contact info added to pick tickets and tab order details, if present.
  • Various usability & performance improvements

Arryved Portal

  • QBO fix for neg value in use tax / RSF in sales receipt
  • Menus with “inactive” schedules now appear in online store
  • Prevent venueMenuItems from being added to retired venueMenus

Arryved Online

  • Ability to create custom instructions for Additional Notes
  • Option to disable proxy pickup (hides “Are you picking up the order?” from the order process)

May 20, 2020

Arryved Online

  • Cart is now emptied when switching between modalities

               • Store displays user warning before dumping cart

  • Reformatted merchant email for order; phone number is appended to name line
  • Closing’ online store using “Turn Online Ordering Off” now shows a Store Closed message
  • Age verification on landing page has clarifying text
  • Zip code verification tool on landing page if Delivery by Zip code is enabled
  • Modifier upcharges now display in cart review
  • Failed payments allow customer to select a tip when re-attempting the order
  • Large item descriptions no longer overflow into modifiers section
  • Pre-selected tip amount now correctly calculates in total
  • Curbside Freeform text field can now be clicked to enter text, not having to click off to the side

Arryved Portal

  • Updated Support hours in header
  • Online ordering settings: 

               • New! Ability to target different venues for different modalities

               • Page reorganized

               • Renamed “Collect Recipient Contact Name and Date of Birth” field to “Collect Recipient Date of Birth”

               • Removed master “all day” checkbox option for Online Ordering Times

  • Retired modifiers no longer appear when populating a Forced Modifier.
  • Loyalty member list now correctly sends

Arryved View

  • Text no longer overflows in the footer marquee
  • Editing page was not loading for some sites


May 12, 2020

Arryved Online

  • Delivery address entry page is now scrollable
  • Online orders better handle updated tax rates from Arryved Portal

Arryved Portal

  • Online Ordering Settings

               • Reorganized layout into expandable sections

               • Added section for In Person ordering (requires Arryved Service 1.1.6E)

               • Preferred pickup times now available for Pickup + Curbside

               • Order/Pick Up Contact Improvements

                               • Specifically ask if the person placing the order is picking up the order

                               • Ability to require date of birth for person picking up the order, if it is different than the person placing the order

               • Additional Delivery zone options: Zip Codes, No delivery zone enforcement

               • For Radius based delivery zones, allow lat/long to be edited as well as address

  • Setting Forced Modifier targets per item now honors ‘All’, ‘Online’ choices.
  • QBO fixes
  • Partial refunds of same-day tabs via Portal fail more gracefully

Arryved Service (v 1.1.6E)

  • Support for InPerson modality (orange button like ‘Delivered’ or ‘Pickup’)


April 2020

Arryved Online

  • Allows forced modifiers and custom text notes on items
  • Click on an image to magnify it
  • Show (In cart) badge for items added to cart
  • Show a green confirmation header when an item is added to cart
  • DOB truncated in confirmation emails for privacy
  • Update error reporting on payment page
  • Fix: adding multiple sizes of the same item now shows correctly in cart
  • Fix: Online store name now honored on all pages (not just ordering page)

Arryved Portal

  • [New!] Inventory Item setup > Add a Forced Mod: under a forced mod’s price floor, there is now an option to select where Forced Mods should be displayed – just Online, just in Service, or for both (All)
  • Online Ordering Settings: Toggle to disable/enable displaying online store hours
  • Online Ordering Settings: Toggle to require DOB be re-submitted at the moment of payment
  • Inventory Item setup screen > Costs section: New field to limit max item quantity for Online sale per size
  • Include Online Sales data to Sales Summary report
  • Fix: SuperAdmins can now set venue types
  • Fix: issuing refunds from the Portal shows correct confirmation
  • Reporting changes:

               • Reporting > Sales > Daily Sales: breakout by sales channel at the bottom of the report

               • Reporting > Online and App > Sales by Source: reorganized bottom section to break out Service/Mobile App/Online Ordering sales

               • Online and App > Online Order report now has filtering for Delivery Status and Delivery Type

               • [New!] Online and App > Online Sales Report – breaks down sales that were done using Online Orders and shows which employees handled orders

               • [New!] Online and App > Online Sales Tax Report – breaks down taxes collected for Online Orders

Arryved Service 1.1.6 (193)

  • Any item with a (No_Print) category (such as Merchandise, Retail_Beer, or Event, etc) will now print if ordered online without requiring a Printer Override setting change
  • Updated print handling to display modifiers and notes from Online Orders
  • Address line #2 now shows on Tab Details and on paper tickets
  • Show DOB on printed tickets
  • Hotlinking addresses to Google Maps in the Tab Details screen
  • Tab metadata now expands/collapses on Details screen for Delivery orders
  • Online Orders now filter under All/Venue, not Old
  • Fix for listing uncollected tabs all at top of page (not peppered among the green tabs)
  • “Test” text removed from Service app icon on Android

Arryved Mobile App

  • Fix for merchants voiding payments from Mobile transactions
  • Fix for RSF calculations

Arryved View

  • Added padding around the digital menu to prevent clipping issues


March 2020

Arryved Service 1.1.5 (192)

  • Support for basic Online Orders (no modifiers or complicated items at this time)

               • Tab ‘details’ shows order information

               • Orders placed online show in TAB screen, with ability to finalize orders using (Pick Up) button

  • Updated support hours listed in Service, under Staff > Settings. Support is still available 7days/week

               • Urgent matters: 720.310.0361

               • Call 7am-12am MST 7 days/week

               • Non-Urgent Help:

               • Email 7am-8pm MST 7 days/week

  • Minor updates to how flight components look in Ordering screen
  • Update default background for the Insider signup screen
  • Ability to turn off “Sign Up for Insider” option after payment

               • Email Support to toggle this off

  • Labor Role permission “Order Item Void” extended to block changing quantities as well
  • Order button within Details screen changed to green to match other instances of it
  • Attempting to change card on file sometimes failed when done in the Running Tab window
  • Fixed a setting for “No signature under a certain amount” which was still requesting a signature when using ‘Quick CC’
  • Fixed Quick Close to no longer bring up Digital Signature screen, even when Paper Signature was the default
  • Today’s date now printing on QuickClose receipts
  • The “Details” receipt review screen now takes into account tips added to the tab

Arryved Portal

  • If enabled: new Online Store configuration under Location Settings > Online Ordering Settings
  • Sales Summary changes:

               • Refunds from Portal and from Service now reflected

               • Check Average now shown in Sales Summary

               • Service Charge text changed to Use Tax / CRV

  • Updated the information displayed in Tab Search, now with more details and comps
  • Refund button in Tab Search renamed to Refund Options to better reflect what it does
  • New report: Reporting > Accounting > Gift Card collisions

               • For users with existing liabilities from previous systems

  • Gift Card liability now shows liability at the company level
  • Added pay column to Employee Time Card report
  • Time Card Summary no longer shows zero hour employees when filtering by labor role

Arryved View

  • Fix for occasionally casting a blank white screen

January 2020

Arryved Service 1.1.2 (187)

  • Update payment error message for out of inventory error
  • Modified the “X” in the Thank You screen so that it is no longer visible
  • Support for Inateck barcode scanner
  • Staff > Reports > Sales by Tag report display for just the REPORT permission,  not MGR_REPORT
  • ‘Print Sign’ option displays on digital signature after manual card entry
  • Cancel button now responsive in payment error dialog, when an audio reader is selected, but not plugged in
  • Additional stability & usability improvements

Arryved Portal

  • Updated menu navigation! Location Settings: “Unit Sizes”, “Item Types”, and “Tax Types” now under Inventory > Inventory Settings, and “Labor Roles” now under Employees
  • Keep Open button added to the Open Tab Management tool
  • Forced modifiers can now be reorganized by dragging + dropping.
  • Report Updates

               • Employee Time Card Summary – Added Optional Payroll ID and Department Code columns

               • Unit Size Report – Added Printer Order, Printer Override, Button Override, COG columns

               • Purchase Item Report – Added Type and Category

               • Employee Performance Report – Added sorting based on labor role

               • Tips by Labor Hours – added summary sections

               • Offline Status Report – added sync time

               • Added links to Tab Search on check numbers in every report that features a check number

               • Daily Payment Report – fixed mishandling of credit values

  • Changed the text for ‘Select Forced Modifier’ to “Select Price Floor” and added upcharge price to modifiers in the dropdown
  • Additional stability & usability improvements

Arryved Insider

  • Added current and lifetime points to the emailed Insider member report.
  • Emailed offers now include links to unsubscribe from receiving promotional emails (email offers)
  • Expired offers can now be cloned
  • Additional stability & usability improvements

Arryved View

  • Added ability to select what inventory sizes display in View from the Inventory setup screen
  • Added ability to customize background color
  • Added ability to upload custom icons for unit sizes

December 2019

Arryved Service 1.1.1 (185)

  • Payment error messages include additional reason and explanation for error, as well as recommendations on how to remedy
  • Option to automatically overwrite table name with card swipe instead of AKA [reach out to Support to enable this feature]
  • Loyalty & Xperience references updated to refer to Arryved Insider
  • Customer can now tip with manually entered gift card payments, when funds are available
  • Fixed automated date checks for manual credit card entry to prevent invalid expiration dates
  • Fixed payment scenarios that caused receipts to fail or to be printed without a date
  • Fixed “Ready to Swipe” message to only show when BLE reader is ready to swipe
  • Additional stability & usability improvements

Arryved Portal

  • Created Open Tab Management Tool to remediate tabs left open overnight
  • Multi-location option for Statistics > Draft Beer Report and > Stats By Weekday report
  • “Item Tag” filtering is available within the Item Rank, Draft Beer, Item Rank By Day & Items Sold by Hour reports
  • Deposit Activity Report displays items with Event Deposit item tags
  • Refunds made in the Arryved Portal require a reason
  • Item Rank by Day report includes a column for “Category”
  • Fixed Labor Shift Tips report to account for Daylight Savings Time
  • Fixed Altered Tab Forensics report so that it loads more consistently
  • Additional stability & usability improvements

Arryved Insider

  • Offers are no longer displayed when using EXACT_CASH
  • Keyboard is consistently hidden during Offers selection screen in Arryved Service
  • Fixed payment flows where not having a card on file did not present offers
  • Fixed UI where buttons were pushed off screen due to long offer descriptions
  • Additional stability & usability improvements

Arryved View

  • Upgrade weather widget to update weather data every hour