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Showing up to share your delicious wares at festivals and events is an integral part in running your own craft establishment. Whether you’re going offsite to work a charity picnic or finally managed to get a spot among the food and beverage offerings at your local music festival, you’re covered for all festival and events needs with Arryved POS.  

While these expanded business opportunities are exciting, they also come with a few logistical nuances: think staffing, inventory tracking, and offline mode access, to name a few. However, with a POS partner who’s there for you beyond the stationary setup, you no longer have to worry about expanding your business beyond the four walls of your establishment.

Here are a few tips to help make festivals and events this season a roaring success.

Creating Festivals and Events Venues

When you have the right tools in your belt, it’s easy to provide seamless service and excellent hospitality. By setting up various venues in Arryved Service, you’re able to customize each space based on the needs of the different festivals and events you attend. 

How will this help me?

No longer are the days of scrolling endlessly through your whole menu for the right item. Limiting the clutter will help the ordering process flow smoothly and allow you to serve more guests. But don’t worry, inventory in your Arryved POS is fully integrated and means you never have to log in to multiple locations to manage inventory again. 

For you number crunchers, this makes breaking out that data a breeze. Gather real-time insights to track the success of each festival and event venue created. See what times you were the busiest, which items were most popular, total revenue, and so much more. This will help you proactively plan for upcoming festivals and events so you are correctly staffed with all the hot items your new fans are craving. 

Bring a Hotspot 

Not sure if the festivals and events you’re attending have internet? No problem! Many phones these days create their own Wi-Fi networks by using data from their cell phone provider. If this is the case for your business, be sure to carry around a hotspot to connect all your Arryved POS hardware. 

How will this help me?

With Arryved’s remote cloud based system, a hotspot still allows you to connect to your stored data and process payments in real-time, just like you’re used to when you’re on-premise. You’ll still have access to payment information, real-time data, and inventory tracking, letting you sell anywhere, any time. 

Offline Mode

Maybe you don’t have access to the internet or a hotspot. That’s quite alright because offline mode is there for all your offline transactions. Easily turn your hardware into offline mode with the push of a button and continue to run credit card transactions safely and securely.

How will this help me?

Continue to use your POS without the internet and sync up all data recorded during the festival or event once it’s over. Since payments and data can’t update in real-time without access to the cloud, enabling offline mode stores all transactional data locally on the device it was run on to be synced up once you’re reconnected to the internet. 

When you’re heading back to your establishment after attending festivals and events, be sure to reconnect your hardware to your Wi-Fi network to upload the transactions. Once synced, your reports will populate with all the data from another successful outing. 

The Arryved support team is here to help you! If you know you have festivals and events in your future, don’t hesitate to reach out to support with any questions.  

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