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Smart Staffing Guide

Access the ultimate retention guide for food and beverage businesses, which includes:

▪︎ The factors that led to the labor shortage
▪︎ How you can mitigate it as a business owner or manager
▪︎ Actionable items for how to better hire, train, and retain staff

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How to Overcome Food & Beverage’s Great Resignation

The (not-so) Great Resignation refers to the surge of employees across industries that voluntarily left their jobs in recent years, arguably marking hospitality as the most marred. Employee Hiring & Retention: A How-To Hospitality Guide helps owners and managers understand the intricacies of why the labor shortage happened in the first place, as well as industry advice on how to mitigate staffing issues with your team right now. 

Then, we’re looking towards the future with tips on how to move forward with new hires. Thoughtful hiring, training processes, and retention strategies set your staff and business up for long term success. 

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Key Takeaways For Your Employee Hiring & Retention

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Could mitigating a problem as complex as the labor shortage be as simple as that? Learn about 5 key methods to make staff feel valued, respected, and heard.

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Cookie cutter hiring determines that the most experience = the best fit for the job, but that’s not always the case. Look for these 3 specific traits in every hire and access suggested interview questions!



Your staff members can’t meet (nor exceed) expectations if they don’t know what they are. Learn how process, culture, and humanization can make a big difference in performance.

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Discover how to keep members on your team long term with 6 retention techniques, earnest compensation strategies, and tech stack tools that can assist you. 

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