New From OpenTab By Arryved: Guests Now Claim Their Own Tabs!

Add even MORE flexibility to your service model.

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Tab Claiming

Arryved’s QR code menus, ordering, and payments tool—OpenTab—has made service easier and guest experiences better for savvy merchants leaning on technology to assist their teams. 

Tab Claiming, the newest feature of OpenTab, streamlines the ordering process further by letting guests claim tabs that staff started. Keep reading to learn more!

OpenTab’s QR Code Menus, Ordering, & Payments Boosts Staff Efficiency, Guest Engagement, & Revenue

Let’s first review how OpenTab has cemented itself as a must-have tool for craft food and beverage. Spoiler alert: It positively impacts all important parties—your staff, your guests, and your business. 

OpenTab lightens staff workloads by saving them time on tedious administrative tasks.

Your team performs countless important tasks throughout their shift. By letting technology take care of the admin tasks—such as delivering menus or running a credit card—staff have more time to interact with and delight guests

Plus, with guests placing orders themselves, your team can service more people without increasing your labor costs

OpenTab enhances guest experiences. 

Because staff members have more time on their hands, they can wholly engage with guests! Product-showcasing upsells, brand education, and event invites are all on the table, and serve as much more interesting conversation starters than “And for you?”

Not only that, but QR codes empower guests to curate their own ordering experience. Guests can pace courses and rounds to their liking, and leave whenever they want. 

And since orders go from guest fingertips straight to the kitchen or bar, their dishes and drinks are made and delivered faster, rounding out an exceptional start to finish ordering process

OpenTab has proven to boost tabs by 37% and tips by 27%.

Yes, you read that right. Better staff interactions, faster service, and total autonomy of the tab results in guests ordering more and tipping higher. We have the data to prove it!

Tab Claiming Gives Both Guests & Staff The Freedom To Interact With Tabs Anytime

Believe it or not, OpenTab’s QR code tools just got even better with Tab Claiming. Now, food and beverage businesses using a flexible service model can allow guests to order however they prefer.

Here’s how Tab Claiming works: 

  1. Your staff starts a tab in Arryved Service
  2. Guests claim their tab via an OpenTab QR code when they’re ready to order more
  3. Guests manage their tab from their own devices

As is the ethos behind OpenTab—to assist humans with technology instead of replacing them with it—this feature adds the flexibility for guests to use both QR codes and servers simultaneously.

Picture this: One of your lovely servers greets a table, introduces them to OpenTab, and grabs their first round of drinks. While they’re satisfied and sippin’, a huge crowd of people come in and it’s all hands on deck to get this group settled. 

Your server’s initial table had a great interaction with them, but the guests can see they’re busy now. To get the next round in, the table simply scans a code, claims their tab, and orders. 

Thanks to Tab Claiming, the table has one open tab with everything they’ve gotten so far. If their beloved server catches a break later on, they can swing by the table again to check in and add more to the tab if requested. 

One tab, one seamless ordering experience, and one satisfied table is a win for Tab Claiming by OpenTab!If you’d like to see QR code menus, ordering, payments, and Tab Claiming in action, request an Arryved demo today.

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