Level Up with OpenTab

Arryved’s order & pay at the table solution.

Level Up with Arryved

We are thrilled to announce a new feature to enhance our customer’s on premise guest experience: OpenTab.

OpenTab gives staff the flexility to surprise & delight guests with excellent hospitality, and guests the flexibility to order and pay from their own devices or with a member of your staff.  The technology serves to enhance the human experience you provide, not replace it.

As is true for every product and feature we offer, OpenTab is available to Arryved customers at no additional cost.

About OpenTab

OpenTab opens location-based tabs across staff and guest devices.  It’s fully integrated with all Arryved Point of Service tools.

How OpenTab Works

OpenTab starts with a unique QR code card placed at each table, bar seat, horse shoe pit (etc.).  These QR code cards are generated from the Arryved Portal, and connected to each venue’s floor plan.

  1. Guests scan the QR code card nearest them to start a tab in a web browser.
  2. Their tab is tagged with their location and open on all Arryved Service devices, in addition to the guest’s phone.
  3. Guests order from their phone, or with a server, as many times as they please.
  4. If a guest moves locations, they simply scan a new QR code to update the location on their tab.
  5. Guests can pay their tab from either their phone, or with a server.

Learn More About OpenTab

If you’re interested in learning more about OpenTab, and how it can work for your business, let’s talk!