Red Bear Brewing Generates Bigger Tabs and Tips with Arryved’s OpenTab

Arryved’s cumulative data shows that tabs opened in OpenTab are on average 36.84% higher and that tips average 27.23% higher than traditional tabs.

Case Study

Red Bear Brewing Co. is a brewpub in the NoMa neighborhood of Washington, D.C., that is committed to providing a safe-space for a diverse community, including its team and customers. As a hub for community, creating a positive environment and experience for every guest is crucial to the Red Bear team. OpenTab, a feature of Arryved’s point-of-service solution, is one of the tools Red Bear uses to empower its staff to engage with customers and to help enhance the experience of every person walking through the door. With Arryved’s OpenTab, Red Bear integrates the ordering and payment experience between customer-owned mobile devices and establishment-owned POS devices.

According to Red Bear Brewing Co. Founder and Director of Operations Cameron Raspet, 35 to 45 percent of customers use Arryved’s OpenTab to place orders in the taproom. Arryved confirms that establishments using the OpenTab feature see 30 to 40 percent of all customers starting a tab using OpenTab.

Guests who choose to order and pay their tabs through their phone limit the need for staff to be involved in transactional tasks and give bartenders and servers more time to cater to guests who would like more customer service.

In early 2023, Arryved’s cumulative data shows that tabs opened in OpenTab are on average 36.84% higher and that tips average 27.23% higher than traditional tabs.

“Arryved’s OpenTab works by providing QR codes on each table in the taproom for guests to order from their phones, and it gives customers the ability to peruse the menu on their own time. There’s no waiting in line at the bar for a drink,” says Raspet. “Those who do want to order from the bar can, and they get more service time with bartenders because a large portion of orders come from OpenTab.”

Using Arryved’s OpenTab, tabs started by servers or guests sync in real-time and can be accessed by guest phones and Red Bear devices at any time. QR codes provide guests with an easily accessible ordering option, and the integrated nature of Arryved’s OpenTab still gives guests the flexibility to choose between placing orders on their phone or through a staff member throughout their experience.

Arryved’s OpenTab also provides flexibility for taprooms with unique spaces. As guests move about an establishment, they scan a new QR code to update their location, place orders with staff or pay their tab from anywhere, either from their phone or from any server nearby.

“We’re changing the way a customer can interact with an establishment. Our customers tell us that service is at the forefront of what they do, and Arryved’s OpenTab blends the flexibility and convenience of online ordering with the importance of human connection,” says Arryved’s Chief Product Officer and Chief Operating Officer David Norman.

“We shouldn’t replace people with technology, we should use technology to increase the time staff spend with guests.”

Arryved’s POS technology solutions, including the OpenTab feature, enhance the customer experience and highlight the personal touch of human interaction. By making QR code ordering a part of the POS system, Arryved’s OpenTab makes transactions seamless for the customer and the establishment.

Tabs sync in real-time and can be accessed across guest phones, establishment POS devices and back-end inventory systems to ensure employees have access to all tabs at all times, inventory is up-to-date and guests order only what is available.