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What’s your favorite part about heading out to a bar, brewery, restaurant? Of course you go because you have a craving for that specific dry cider paired with the duck fat fries. But what makes you choose one place over another? The ambiance? The staff? 

Your guests are thinking the same thing.

Why OpenTab

OpenTab blends hospitality and technology by giving you time to connect with your guests (and less time ringing in orders.) Service and hospitality are at the forefront of the craft experience. OpenTab technology enhances the excellent service guests have come to expect with technology to make it possible; by blending the ease of mobile ordering with human connection. 

More literally: OpenTab allows customers to order from their own phone so servers and bartenders can spend more time talking about the one-of-a-kind product you sell.

Let’s Take a Walk

Imagine strolling into your favorite restaurant on a beautiful day with a rambunctious toddler in tow. All you want is the freshest drink possible, some fries, and someone to take care of you for a couple hours. Once you find that perfect slightly shady spot steps from the open lawn, you strap in the little one and get comfy. 

You notice the QR code on the corner of the table and pull out your phone to scan—QR codes are no mystery to you after this past year. You’re soon opening a tab on your phone and a digital menu appears for you to parse at your own leisure. A bright-eyed staff member walks by and asks if you need help. They point out the seasonal dish and a freshly tapped Saison before checking on the next group. Back to your phone, you place your order with a few taps on the screen. Within minutes, two cold pints and a watered-down lemonade are delivered right to your table. You get the chance to catch up with your favorite beertender. Shortly thereafter, some snacks arrive.

A squirmy toddler is ready to run, and while roaming, you notice another QR code taped to the firepit. Feeling the parched need for another beverage, you scan that code to order another round—which is then promptly delivered to your exact location. Amazing!

Like trying to predict the weather, your kid loses it sooner than anticipated and it’s time to boogie. Thankfully your tab is on your phone and all you have to do is hit tip & pay as you gather your things and head out the door.  

A New Wave of Craft Dining

OpenTab is ultra customizable for your establishment, allowing you to flex into new service models when and how it makes sense for your business. 

Fully Integrated

Centralizing your inventory and orders in one system will save you time, money, and headaches! With OpenTab, all tabs sync in real-time across guest phones, mobile POS devices, back-end inventory and reporting systems. Gone are the days of updating inventory in multiple places and combining sales data in spreadsheets. Customize what guests can see in OpenTab by organizing your current inventory into timed and venue-specific menus and they’ll always order only what is available when and where they’re dining.

Hands-off Ordering (for your business!)

Your staff are expert multi-taskers, gracious hosts, and product specialists. OpenTab opens the door for a seamless, blended service by removing time consuming tasks, like swiping credit cards, and elevating your staff to focus on hosting and educating. It also frees your guests to add to their order, from you or from their own phone, as soon as they’re ready. 


Over the last year there has been a lot of chatter about the “new normal,” but we’re going to break it to you: dining out is forever evolving. The need to connect with others is growing forever stronger, and more innovative tech solutions are on the horizon. Leaning into new and current technologies will help ensure you have the time to create the exceptional guest experience your fans need (and expect). 

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