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Are you getting everything you need out of your point of sale? Are your guests receiving the top-notch experience they want with all the bells and whistles they need to feel comfortable? Does your current system allow you to adjust service at a moment’s notice with all the data to back-up your decisions?
If not, or even if you’re unsure, we put together this handy list of point of sale must-have features—an all you can eat buffet of possibilities that are especially useful in a time when service methods are evolving daily.


1. Free and Fast Support Services

Your point of sale is central to your business; if you need help, you need help quickly and from a friendly and knowledgeable partner. Fast and reliable support services are essential for keeping your business (and brews) flowing without interruption. Reaching the support service for your point of sale should never be a hassle and should never incur added cost. Excellent support will understand where you’re coming from and use their knowledge to make sure a) your problem gets resolved b) you’re set up for future success and c) you hang up with a smile on your face!

2. No Extra Charges for Additional Features

Features that are critical to running a successful business shouldn’t be “pay to play.” Features such as digital menu board, gift cards, online ordering, time tracking, as many mobile devices as you need or a customer loyalty program are core to delivering a top-notch guest experience. Premium features shouldn’t require a premium price tag. Choose a point of sale that adapts with you as you grow so you can put your guests first. 

3. Real Time Inventory Changes

Your time is important, that is why centralizing your inventory in one system is essential. Streamline your operations and build inventory counts into every item on the menu to guarantee your lunch special never gets oversold again. These numbers will count down and automatically kick any item or size that reaches zero. Kicked items will disappear from all menus in real time! The right point of sale means you never have to log in to multiple platforms to remove a menu item again.

4. Online Webstore

Winter is here and your patio comfort is at the whim of your climate, an online webstore could be the saving grace in offering additional revenue streams for your business. Make it easy for your fans to grab to-go food and beverages by ordering ahead online. With an integrated system all your inventory syncs from the same place (see #3); all orders, online or on premise, print to a centralized printer, so staff can monitor orders in one place; all sales reports aggregate on the same dashboard, providing a comprehensive view of your business.

5. Card on File

No customer likes the feeling of reaching for their wallet and realizing they left their credit card (and their open tab) at the last taproom; no business wants the liability of hanging onto their guests’ credit cards in a Rolodex. The ability to keep a card on file without holding onto the physical card changes the game. Guests feel confident  because their card never leaves their sight; businesses gain a safety net in case a guest forgets to close out without the liability of holding onto their card. 

6. Contactless Payments

Seek out a point of sale that allows your guests to pay in a way they feel comfortable—whether in an app, online or with tap and pay technology (either via Credit Card or with Apple, Google and Samsung pay). By doing so you are investing in your customers’ happiness by giving them the flexibility to control their experience. Payment apps like Arryved’s that directly integrate with your point of sale allows your guests to open and close tabs from the safety of their own phone while keeping all transactions in one place—meaning comprehensive reporting across all your sales channels.

7. Extensive Reporting Capabilities

As a business owner or manager, you already know how necessary good data is! Are you getting the right insights? Immediate access to data specific to your business’ operational needs is not only important, it’s critical for maximum efficiency. A comprehensive system gives decision-makers access to data on the fly, providing immediate insight to sales numbers and labor costs. These insights will help you make the smartest staffing, service, and event decisions to optimize efficiency, revenue, and guest experiencewhether it’s a slow, snowy Monday or a hopping, blistering Saturday.


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