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Our lifestyles have changed significantly in recent weeks.  This moment of pause (for some) and shift (for everyone) is the ideal time to assess whether you’re getting everything you need out of your Point of Sale. 
We put together this handy list of point of sale must have features—features that are especially useful in a time when service methods are evolving daily.

1. Card on File

No customer likes the feeling of reaching for their wallet and realizing they left their credit card (and their open tab) at the last taproom; no business wants the liability of hanging onto their guests’ credit cards in a Rolodex. The ability to keep a card on file without holding onto the physical card changes the game. Guests feel confident and secure because their card never leaves their sight; businesses gain a safety net in case a guest forgets to close out without the liability of holding onto their card.

Touch-free payment apps are becoming the new normal. The Arryved mobile app takes “card on file” to the next level, allowing your guests to start and close out their tab from their own phone. Read more on that below!

2. Touch Free Payment — Online & in Person

As our world changes at breakneck speed, so do the methods necessary for connecting with guests and getting them their goods. Guests are placing the value of touch-free payment, via apps and online stores, much higher—a trend that is likely to continue even after the current health crisis passes. An online store and a payment app that directly integrate with your point of sale keeps all transactions in one place—meaning comprehensive reporting across all your sales channels.

3. Free and Fast Support Services

In a time of stress, it’s good to know you have a friend. Fast and reliable support services are essential for keeping your business (and brews) flowing without interruption. Reaching the support service for your point of sale should never be a hassle and should never incur added cost. Excellent support will understand where you’re coming from and use their knowledge to make sure a) your problem gets resolved b) you’re set up for future success and c) you hang up with a smile on your face!

4. No Extra Charges for Additional Features

Features critical to running a successful business shouldn’t be “pay to play”. Features such as a digital menu board, gift cards, online ordering, or a customer loyalty program are core to delivering a top-notch guest experience. Premium features don’t require a premium price tag. Choose a point of sale that puts your success first so you can put your guests first.

5. Extensive Reporting Capabilities

Access to critical information on your business’ operations is more important than ever. The data gathered through the point of sale should be easily accessible, relevant, and insightful. A great system provides extensive reporting options for owners and managers to track sales by multiple filters, view in-depth labor numbers, and monitor trends—all to drive vital business decisions based on hard data.

6. Quick Close Option

A solution for the fast pace of taprooms, built-in shortcuts shave valuable seconds off a bartender’s workflow—without compromising the level of service. During ordinary operations (which we hope will return soon) the option to close out guests with minimal steps is key to providing excellent service. In the current world of curbside orders and Brew-Thrus, many craft patrons aren’t starting tabs—they’re paying out in a single transaction. The ability to close those tabs quickly and easily is crucial to support social distancing, and keep guests & employees safe.


There’s a lot of noise out there when it comes to choosing the best point of sale for your business. But that noise should never distract from the most important piece: sharing your Craft with your loyal customers! Particularly in a time of widespread temporary closures, restricting your operations because of the cost or functionality of your point of sale shouldn’t join the list of concerns. Keep these critical features in mind during this moment of pause and make sure you’re getting everything you need out of your point of sale. 

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