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Black Lives Matter Plaza as seen in Apple Maps app on MacOS | Screengrab Apple Maps


The murder of George Floyd and so many unjust killings of black members of our society before him, among an even longer list of systematic racial injustices, have led to this powerful and justifiable uprising we are all experiencing and witnessing today. The pain and anger in our communities is evident and raw. We hear and see all of you.

We may not know the exact right thing to say right now—but we do know what is wrong. And we want the message to be clear on behalf of all of us at Arryved: Arryved stands with equality and equity for all and the right for Black Americans to pursue peace and happiness without hindrance and without the threat of violence. 

We, as a company and a collective of people, have been silent for the last week while we struggled with our role as a mostly white company in two predominantly white industries: craft and tech. We have lived and worked in unacknowledged privilege for far too long. We know that changing the world starts with changing ourselves. We took this week to reflect on who we are as people, as a business, and as members of industry, as well as the many places we have failed our community. 

We make this statement as a commitment to continue this reflection and to hold ourselves accountable on truths we should have already been addressing. We know that we may not get this 100% right, but we are committed to doing everything we can to be less wrong. 

We are committed to doing our part, to ensuring ALL people have access to equal opportunity in the industries we occupy.  We believe those industries are at their best when they are represented by diverse voices.

Starting today, we commit to the following actions:

      • We will actively pursue any and all avenues to connect with, recruit and hire people of color in our company. 

      • We will join with the organizations in our community that are striving to increase diversity in the craft and tech communities. 

      • We will invest in diversity education for all of our staff members and commit to ongoing training and education.

      • We will add a diversity statement to the mission and values of our company, and hold ourselves accountable to that mission not just during this time of uprising, but every day from here on out.

These commitments to a better present and future are real and borne by our whole company as a group of compassionate, thoughtful individuals, sincere in their desire to make a better world for all people—especially those afflicted by social injustice. We welcome your responses, and ask for any ideas on actions we can take to make this movement towards justice a part of our company, a part of our industry, and part of our daily lives, from this day forward.


Sincerely from,

The People of Arryved