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We consider our clients to be family, so we want you to meet ours!  The Arryved Family Spotlight will give you a peek behind the curtain so you can get to know the people behind your Point of Service!  This week, meet Brian Jackson from the Support Team.


What is your favorite part of working for Arryved?

The people! Both the staff at Arryved and the Craft locations we work with.  The Craft industry is filled with some truly incredible folks and it is a very fun and unique way to be a part of that industry.

Tell us an interesting fact about you?

I have a bachelor’s degree in Musical Theater Performance, and prior to starting at Arryved had been making a living singing and dancing all around the Boulder/ Denver area for almost 20 years. 

What is your desert island beverage? 

Beer! Is this a trick question?!? I am currently in love with Ska’s Euphoria Pale Ale.  But that is a seasonal beer, and so if I am stranded for more than a season I will also take some Bell’s 2 Hearted and some DBCO Incredible Pedal IPA with me just in case.  

Do you have a work from home pet peeve? 

I am very grateful that we are able to work from home, but not getting to see the folks at the office and collaborate is hard.  We are all very social and work in a social industry, so working from home can be a bit lonely sometimes. Also, the internet is nowhere near as fast at home. 

What do you do to stay sane? 

I like to work in the garden or get outside on an adventure.  My kids love the outdoors and there is always some fun adventure just outside our door. Hiking, running, flying a kite. Anything where you can feel the sun or see the mountains.  

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