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Arryved Insider is your solution to driving traffic, engaging guests, and building your brand. Here’s the secret: it’s super easy to set up and manage! With all the pieces built right into your Arryved suite of tools, Arryved Insider saves you time and money.

This holiday season we’re entering uncharted territory given the state of the world—there’s uncertainty with weather, guest’s comfort on-premise, and their buying habits. That means you should be pulling out all the stops to not only engage with your customers but create forever fans. Gear up for the holidays with Arryved Insider—it’s not just a loyalty program, it’s so much more!

Image from Lady Justice Brewing

Why Arryved Insider? 

Arryved Insider is your ticket to creating a loyal community of fans. Invite guests to be part of your club—they’ll engage more with your staff, spend more on your product, and spread the good word of your craft to their friends. These are the people that will choose to visit you over and over again. 

Not only will you reach more members of your community with Arryved Insider, it’s also fully integrated with all other Arryved tools. The built-in integration saves you the mind-bending task of cross-referencing reports and managing your back-end inventory in multiple places every day. 


A Network of Followers

Members are recognized when they come to your establishment not only by face and good company, but within Arryved Service, Arryved Insider, and the Arryved Portal. They earn points by spending money with you and redeem them for discounts, free items, or even VIP pre-orders for that bomb holiday barrel aged release.

Decide how you want to run your program by customizing who can sign up. Arryved Insider supports a public or private program:


Cast a wide net by inviting anyone and everyone to become a member. Guests can join your program during checkout or via the Arryved Insider member site. With a public program, you have the freedom to reward guests for the exact behavior you want. Drive traffic when you need it, and promote specific inventory you want to move (like that summertime shandy or last year’s anniversary swag). 


If you are looking for a more elusive program with VIP-only members, you have the ability to make your program private. Maybe these members pay a fee to join or you want to limit how many members get special perks (like  early access to those very small batch releases and tasting events). Either way, a private program gives you the chance to really connect with your most dedicated fanbase. 


Achieve Your Engagement Goals

Decide what you want to accomplish then make it a reality. Are you looking to bring more guests into your space during those slower weekdays? Or are you trying to sell through product before offering new items? Once your goals are defined, jump into Arryved Insider and the tools work for you. 

Move Product

Get your product into your members’ hands with customized offers that fit your end goal. Arryved Insider has a wide variety of offers you can choose to send directly to your members’ inboxes, it’s all up to your creative team to personalize them for your needs. These branded offers will help promote specific items, grow tab sizes, and even encourage guests to visit during the times you need more business.

Perhaps members get a free 6-pack with every purchase of that branded holiday t-shirt. With an engagement program built right into your system, you can entice members to purchase the items you want to move, when you need to.

Build Your Fan Club

Think of how hard you worked for that tenth free sandwich after getting nine punches on your punch card. Now apply that same motivation to your business by using a point system to transform guests into fanatics. Arryved Insider members earn points on every purchase—these points turn into beverages, swag, or exclusive member’s only gear. 

Turn one-time visitors into loyal fans and build habits with your regulars by rewarding earned points with sweet gear. 

Image from Dot and Line Brewing

Capture a New Audience with Your Online Store

A lot of holiday shopping will be happening online this year and those shoppers are searching around for a deal. Draw in new audiences with discount codes for your online store and appeal to all who like to buy online, especially those who might not be a typical taproom visitor. Online solutions provide the flexibility to reach your guests in their comfort zone by giving them an opportunity to buy discounted holiday bundles while they shop from their own home.

When guests feel they have the inside scoop, they’re sure to keep coming back.



Arryved has the tools to support whatever comes your way. Don’t let the uncertainty of 2020 stop you from making the holidays special for your community. Reach out to the Arryved team to turn on Arryved Insider today!


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