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Image Courtesy of Ska Street Brewstillery.

A testimonial by Ska Street Brewstillery 

“I’ve found that other POS systems are built off templates, but businesses are not a ‘one size fits all’ model. The ability to customize your point of sale with the Arryved team allows for optimization and efficiency,” says Katie Nierling, general manager of Ska Street Brewstillery. Boulder, Colo.-based Ska Street Brewstillery is a combination brewpub and distillery that offers guests an extensive food and drink menu.

Ska Street’s Point of Service (POS) provider, Arryved, focuses on mobility, simplifying solutions for customer-focused services like multiple venue management, roaming tabs, splitting and merging checks, customizable digital menus, seamless management of network outages, loyalty programs, a consumer facing touch-free payment app, and best-in-class data insights—all of which, together, create the best guest experience possible

“We built a lot of our service model around the basics of Arryved. Arryved makes it possible for multiple staff to access tabs to expedite delivery of food and drinks. It also gives us the potential for more contactless payments by using tablets for signing instead of sharing multiple touch points with check presenters, cards and pens,” says Nierling. 

Image Courtesy of Ska Street Brewstillery.

Streamlining Processes to Put Focus on the Guest Experience

The biggest advantage of the Arryved POS system is its focus on the guest experience. Where restaurants thrive serving guests, Arryved aims to be just as supportive and guest-centric for its customers. Many of Arryved’s functions give time back to restaurant staff so they can be where it really matters: interacting with guests. 

Provided by Katie Nierling, general manager of Ska Street Brewstillery

“Arryved saves us time. We have remote access to the POS system, which is integral to time management and allows us to make real time changes that are necessary with an ever evolving menu. We benefit from being able to track sales, change item availability, and drive promotions like happy hour with automated scheduling for each of our venues. 

The modifications and predictive typing are really helpful for food orders. It takes time to build the inventory items of modifications, but having predictive typing integrated into the system saves time and confusion and is really helpful for staff, especially with items like a Build Your Own Burger.

The Arryved system is also built so that questions are removed from the process. Managers can build the required modifiers to ‘outsmart’ staff and ensure that they are giving the kitchen details they need regarding specific ingredients, modifications or allergy information without confusion. It is nice to be able to have multiple ‘Item Types’ but be able to have the button override to simplify the operations for both front and back of house – but keep reporting detailed. The easy input for COGS on all food items is also a nice, quick reference to catch any day to day red flags.

Image Courtesy of Ska Street Brewstillery.

Ska Street is part of a larger family; Ska Brewing in Durango and Peach Street Distillers in Palisade, Co. Ska Brewing celebrated 25 years of doing business this year and Peach Street marked 15 years. Ska Street in Boulder is the merging of each company with brewing and distilling on the same site with a full service, from scratch kitchen that brings the ethos of Ska and Peach Street to the Front Range. We opened in Boulder, Co in March 2020.


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