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We’re taking you on a journey to the 7th largest city in the US, San Antonio, Texas, where the protagonist of our story resides: Alamo Beer Company. Brewed from tradition, the proudly local team at Alamo Beer dedicates their craft to community involvement, long-established brews, and experimental libations to satiate all craft lovers. 

After sitting down with Jessenia McMeans, Alamo Beer Company’s Accountant and swiss army knife, we learned all about the history of Alamo Beer and how they got to where they are today.  

The History

Let’s go back to the late 1800’s. Lone Star Brewing was the first mechanized brewery in Texas and it was thriving! A brand that symbolized the hearts of Texans through beer, like their refreshing ode to the famous “Shrine of Texas Liberty,” The Alamo lager. It was a few decades later when the 18th amendment was written into the constitution, if you remember your history, and prohibited alcohol production in the United States. As you can imagine, that made things difficult for Lone Star and their flagship beer (and it made a lot of people very thirsty). 

Lone Star’s production dried up and the beer called “ALAMO” was forgotten. 

That is, until 1997 when Eugene Simor, founder and CEO of Alamo Beer Co, trademarked and revived the Alamo name with his flagship beer, the sweet and subtle ALAMO Golden Ale. Alamo Beer Company was born.

Image Courtesy of Alamo Beer Company.

In the Now

Fast forward to today, sitting right underneath the Hays Street Bridge in glorious San Antonio, Texas, resides the Alamo Beer Company production facility, beer hall and beer garden. It’s in this space you’ll discover brewmaster Gregg Spickler and his team’s expertly crafted brews enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. Jessenia told us, “That’s what is really special about Alamo beer: because we’re so small we’re able to come up with different and unique beers that represent our city, San Antonio.”  

“We welcome the underdog, the polished, and the renegade who seek out beers they can proudly drink and share with friends.”

If the beer isn’t enough to draw people in, the Alamo crew will certainly educate and entertain while giving you a tour of the facility. Jessenia told us the greatest thing about their beer hall is the open space. “We have a beer garden that seats about 100 people so anyone can enjoy the beautiful Texas weather, play games, listen to live music. It’s a great place to come out and have a good beer.” 

Jessenia McMeans, Alamo Beer Company’s Accountant. Image Courtesy of Alamo Beer Company.

A desire to help others in their community runs deep at Alamo Beer. “Eugene and the whole team is really big about what we can give back to our community,” says Jessenia. You’ll always find local and community events hosted at Alamo Beer on the regular. If there is a church or cancer testing drive in need of space, Alamo will be the first to open their doors. Check out their Annual VW Bugs and Brews car show benefiting the ThriveWell Cancer Foundation, dedicated to finding the cure for cancer. As a cancer survivor, Eugene’s passion for helping others runs deep in his Texan blood. 

Image Courtesy of Alamo Beer Company.

When you’re at Alamo Beer, your patronage is helping those in need with Alamo’s abiding donations to charitable organizations. Most recently, you’ll find cans of Black is Beautiful beer at Alamo. Black is Beautiful is the initiative to bring awareness to the injustices people of color face daily. Alamo Beer donated all proceeds of their participation to the United Communities of San Antonio – who educate children and adults to appreciate racial and cultural differences.

What’s next for Alamo Beer?

You guessed it, continuing to share their love of beer with more and more people. They’re looking to grow their business, try new things, and introduce a whole new audience to their delicious Alamo beer. For now, they’re adjusting to being open at full capacity with their fully stocked kitchen so they can continue creating the amazing experience people have known to love. “Craft beer is an intimate experience. It’s completely different than drinking something you can get at your local corner store. There are big opportunities for growth in the future.”

Image Courtesy of Alamo Beer Company.


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