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Photo of the Big Blue Bear outside the Denver Convention Center. Image courtesy of the Brewers Association

The Brewers Association’s annual Craft Brewers Conference (CBC) has returned! It’s the time of year where folks from every aspect of the brewing and brewpub industry gather to learn, share ideas, and continue to foster the craft beer community. 

This year it’s happening in beautiful Denver, CO, the Mile High City, and home of Arryved HQ. If you’re new to the area, or just looking for ideas of things to do in Denver, CO, look no further! The Arryved team put together a list of our favorite local things to do and places to see. All you have to do is buckle up and enjoy the ride.  

Here are our top 6 things to do in Denver, CO during CBC 2021.

1. Check Out the Denver Beer Scene

The amazing artwork on the patio at Ratio Beerworks. Image courtesy of Ratio Beerworks.

Calling out the obvious: Denver, CO has a ton of crazy good beer. There must be something in the water. While we could go on for days suggesting must see places, we’re sticking close to the Denver Convention Center with this list. 

Top Choice to Visit:

Ratio Beerworks

Distance from Convention Center:

1.7 miles

Our Favorite Item:

King of Carrot Flowers, a Saison fermented with 100% organic fresh-pressed carrot juice. Drinking this beer helps you get in as much vitamin A as possible, it’s good for your immune system. 

Fun Fact:

Having crossed paths while touring with their bands, the owners of Ratio found themselves bonding over punk rock and beer. Their shared love of music and beer easily translated to creating a community-centric brewery that continues to support artists while brewing excellent beer.  

Other Must Visits:

Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery, Woods Boss Brewing Company, Great Divide Brewing Co, Denver Beer Co.

2. Get Out of Town (and Drink More Beer)

A view from the patio at Cabin Creek Brewing. Image courtesy of Cabin Creek Brewing

There’s no such thing as too much beer, especially when you’re sipping a cold one while surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains. 

Top Choice to Visit: 

Cabin Creek Brewing

Distance from Convention Center:

45.3 miles (trust us, the drive is worth it!)

Our Favorite Thing On The Menu:

Pounder their foeder-fermented Czech Pils. The perfect pairing while sitting by an alpine lake. 

Fun Fact:

Cabin Creek Brewing ranks the highest brewery on our list…in elevation. You’ll find this family friendly brewpub in the historic mining town of Georgetown, CO. It’s about an hour drive from the Denver Convention Center but you won’t regret the trek once you’re sitting on the lakeside patio, taking in the panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains. 

Other Must Visits:

New Terrain Brewing Company, WeldWorks Brewing, Casey Brewing and Blending, Ska Brewing Company, Outer Range Brewing Company.

3. Look For the Best Cocktail in Town

A sampling of the many cocktails you can order from Improper City. Image courtesy of Improper City.

Ok, even beer lovers need a break for a deliciously crafted mixed drink.

Top Choice to Visit: 

Improper City

Distance from Convention Center:

2 miles

Our Favorite Thing On The Menu:

All in on the Strawberry Basil Margarita.

Fun Fact:

The name was inspired by travel writer, Rose Kingsley, who once wrote of Denver, “It was as if the angels were carrying a city to a proper place and accidentally dropped it here.” This coworking space serves coffee to a working crowd during the day and breaks out the mixed drinks at night. This place has it all—there’s nothing improper about it. 

Other Must Visits:

Lady Jane, Williams & Graham, Denver Distillery.

4. Treat Yo’ Self to a 5-star Meal

After all the learning and networking on the CBC trade show floor, you deserve to treat yourself. 

Top Choice to Visit: 


Distance from Convention Center:

1 mile

Our Favorite Thing On The Menu:

Fresh pasta! But if you’re done carb loading, you can’t go wrong with fresh burrata and cured meats.

Fun Fact:

This delectable restaurant is located inside Denver’s Union Station, recently remodeled while honoring the history of Denver. After your delicious meal, treat yourself to a tour of this 100-year-old historical landmark.

Also must visit:

Hop Alley, Work & Class, The Wolf’s Tailor (for that extra fancy meal)!

5. Take A Walk in Nature

One fall day at Rocky Mountain National Park.

The state of Colorado is overflowing with unreal landscapes and adventurous activities. Don’t miss out on the endless possibilities of taking in the sights of this beautiful state. 

Top Place to Visit: 

Rocky Mountain National Park

Distance from Convention Center:

65.6 miles

Our Favorite Thing On The “Menu”:

Elk and Fall Colors

Fun Fact:

One of the nation’s highest national parks, Rocky Mountain National Park encompasses 415 square miles of unparalleled mountain views. It’s also known for the Trail Ridge Road, a scenic highway through the park that tops out over 12,000 ft in elevation!

6. The One Thing You Absolutely Don’t Want To Miss

If you don’t have time to do anything on this list, this one is a must. On Saturday, September 11th, join in the fun with a tribute to all things Denver, CO.

You’re invited to: 

Rocking the Rockies Happy Hour hosted by Arryved!

Distance from Convention Center:

1 mile from CBC at the Great Divide Barrel Bar & Bottling Hall.

Tell me more:

All CBC attendees are welcome! Grab a drink, hang out with the Arryved team, and join in the fun. There will be a host of activities from virtual reality climbing to oversized beer pong to the local sounds of Boot Gun— we’ve got you covered for your Saturday night entertainment.

Get your free ticket!


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