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A Vision
for Craft

It all began with a love for craft beer.

Arryved was founded by a couple of tech geeks who love craft beer (or are they beer geeks who love tech?).


From our founders

Arryved started with an idea of building an app for craft beer drinkers (like us) to track beer purchases and preferences. With a vision for the app, we shopped the idea around to our brewery friends. Time and again, they shrugged off the idea and lamented on the need for a point of sale specifically for taprooms. The more we chatted with taproom owners and managers, the more evident the taproom POS gap became. So, we changed direction and set out to fill that gap with a point of sale designed specifically for the craft brewery experience.

In July of 2016 Arryved launched in a few local taprooms (thanks for having faith in us—you know who you are). The next 6 months found us with our laptops at the bar, looking for inefficiencies in our system, chatting with staff and finding solutions for pain points in the taproom in real-time as we observed Arryved in-action. By early 2017, we were ready to expand, and expand we did.

We’re now providing service tools to hundreds of taprooms and brewpubs of all shapes and sizes across the country. Our customer list includes breweries, brewpubs, cideries, non-production taprooms, meaderies, distilleries, kombucha shops, music venues, foodhalls—the list is ever-expanding! But we remain true to our core, providing excellent solutions to the craft beverage industry, which is passionately leading the revolution of service across the entire hospitality industry.

Arryved is growing and evolving alongside the craft community, who continue to inspire us every day.

Card Image Template_0022_David

CEO & Co-Founder

David Norman

Card Image Template_0012_TomW

CTO & Co-Founder

Tom Wrensch

Card Image Template_0017_NancyTrigg

CGO & President

Nancy Trigg

Card Image Template_0014_Rob

Senior Software Engineer

Rob Culp

Card Image Template_0018_Marvin

Senior Software Engineer

Marvin Taylor

Card Image Template_0015_Pierre

Technical Project Manager

Pierre Vincent

Card Image Template_0020_Justin

Hardware Specialist

Justin Crowe

Card Image Template_0019_Maggie

Junior Sales Consultant

Maggie Read

Card Image Template_0024_Austin

Manager, Customer Support

Austin Stiver

Card Image Template_0013_Sara

Customer Support Rep

Sara Villecco

Card Image Template_0021_Jesse

Customer Success Manager

Jesse Thomas

Card Image Template_0023_Billy

Manager, Customer Success Team

Billy McDivitt