3 Reasons Arryved Is The Most Secure Point Of Sale (POS) In Food & Beverage

A secure POS is a must-have for growing food and beverage businesses. Dive into the top 3 reason you can trust Arryved POS.

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Trusting your POS system to do all of its technical duties is one thing, but trusting in the security of your system is a whole nother can of worms.

A secure POS is a must-have for growing food and beverage businesses. POS handles a lot of sensitive information, most prominently credit card numbers. You certainly don’t want to risk putting your business, your guests, or yourself at risk, and one flub could cost you big time.

Arryved is the most secure POS system for the following 3 reasons:

1. The Most Distinguished Payment Engineer In The Country Built Arryved

David Norman has over 20 years of experience in payments and security technologies. He worked at Wells Fargo, MicroAge, and was a Senior Staff Software Engineer at Google before identifying the need for a better ordering and payment experience in craft beverage establishments.

David and team immediately laid the foundation of our secure system and created a dedicated team that now meets weekly to ensure we’re compliant with security standards.

The entire Arryved team completes quarterly security training as we recognize that our internal processes must remain secure in order to keep customers safe as well.

2. Arryved’s Opti-Auth Secures Your Business During Outages & Saves You Money

Arryved is the only POS system that offers a feature like Opti-Auth. In addition to providing security during network outages, it saves customers hundreds of thousands of dollars every year

When our payment processors or payment gateways suffer an outage or technical disruption, they’re unable to process credit card transactions. Once identified, the Arryved team turns on Opti-Auth. 

Optimistic Auth (Opti-Auth) allows you to continue to operate normally, under our optimistic assumption that cards will successfully authorize once the payment processor recovers. That way your business can take payment, sync between devices, and send to printers, rather than go into Offline Mode or revert to cash-only transactions. No interruption to your business means guests continue to be delighted and you continue making money

Payment outages are unavoidable. With Opti-Auth, Arryved customers rest assured that they’re protected from technical issues and all transaction data is held on secure servers until the issues are resolved. Once payment networks come back online, we immediately push through the transactions that were held with Opti-Auth and recover 99.8% of them.

Last year a 2 hour payment processor outage impacted 80,000 establishments across the country (including ~50k people at a WWE event in Vegas) but our customers didn’t notice because we turned on Opti-Auth.

3. Arryved Handles Your Data With Care

Because of the robust amount of sensitive data Arryved processes, we practice strict security measures like the following: 

  • Arryved consistently meets PCI (Payment Card Industry) Standards used by card brands in their yearly audits. Our Report of Compliance (ROC) proves this. 

Plus, Arryved only works with partners (processors, gateways, hardware providers) who also follow PCI standards!

  • Arryved encrypts all SPII (Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information) so no card data is ever exposed.

These efforts, in addition to a transparent pricing model and demonstrated industry expertise, make Arryved the most secure POS and a trusted partner for growing food and beverage businesses.

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