A Big Win For Kitchens: Arryved Now Integrates With Fresh KDS!

Your food operation just got a lot more savvy: Introducing Arryved’s integration with Fresh KDS!

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Fresh KDS order screen image to display how ticketing works.

That’s right! Whether your business offers dine-in, takeout, or serves out of the window of a food truck, the Fresh KDS integration will support you. Check out how Fresh KDS organizes and streamlines food orders with their savvy ticketless system:

Here are some of the drool-worthy tools that can help you better manage your food operations: 

  • Split tickets between stations so each chef only sees dishes they need to make
  • Customizable color coding tells you how long a ticket has been in queue
  • Fire orders at specific times using custom hold times
  • Use SMS texting to communicate directly with guests about their order
  • Touchscreen ticket management lets you tap finished orders offscreen or send them to another screen

All of these tools are meant to make your staffs’ jobs easier, and your guests’ experiences better. In fact, we’ve got the data to back that up! Read how Captain Lawrence Brewing Company incorporated Fresh KDS in their busy kitchen and saw faster ticket times and more accurate order relaying as a result. 

Fresh KDS has helped us immeasurably! From an old school restaurant perspective, which is the way we used to operate, tickets would come in, and the chef or expeditor is standing there shouting out the order. We’re just too high volume for that. It was getting to the point where it was slowing us down and it was a detriment to the guest experience… Fresh KDS helped us to be faster in the kitchen.
-Jeff Skiba, Director of Hospitality at Captain Lawrence, about the chaos in their kitchen prior to using Arryved’s integration with Fresh KDS

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