Arryved Supports A Pizzeria Through Expansion & Helps Prepare For Further Growth

Learn how Arryved POS provides the tools necessary for optimal efficiency and business growth at Gasparilla Pizzeria & Growlers.

Case Study

What started as a half-joking idea between industry friends has become a pub grub and craft beer haven for west Floridians: Gasparilla Pizzeria & Growlers. This full-service restaurant is growing in more ways than one:

  • Physically, expanding their dining room area
  • Monetarily, boosting beverage sales from 5-7% to 10-15% of overall sales after a year of being open
  • Technologically, investing in a partnership with Arryved POS

Ed Meehan—Co-owner, VP of Culinary, and certified IT Guy—has been around the block when it comes to restaurants and POS systems. His Le Cordon Bleu education brought him back to the states working everywhere from mom and pop shops to the highly-respected Bern’s Steak House in Tampa. 

Ed’s response when asked which POS he’s worked with in the past? “Loads. Aloha, Clover… if you named it, I would remember working with it.” So as an experienced restaurateur equally as seasoned in POS, Ed’s expectations for Arryved were high. 

Since launching with the system in May 2022, Arryved has proven to provide insights critical to business growth and tools necessary for optimal efficiency, allowing the Gasparilla team to focus on what they’re good at: growing a delicious restaurant and bar.

Streamlined Kitchen Ops Support A Guest-Focused Experience

Managing a newly-expanded dining room means Gasparilla’s kitchen is busy. Thanks to dependable Arryved tools that do their job in the background, the back of house crew can concentrate solely on food. 

Modifiers Make Customization Easy

Gasparilla’s menu is designed to personalize. With tons of pizza toppings, salad dressings, wing sauces, and different sizes of all of the above, it may sound overwhelming to enter a crowded table’s worth of orders into a POS system. 

Luckily for Gasparilla, Arryved’s intuitive modifiers customize any dish without slowing down servers or confusing those crafting the plate. One Sicilian, half Big Daddy, half Ship Wreck? Easy. And for you?

Savvy Printing Expedites Plate Delivery

Gasparilla has printers at four different stations in the kitchen: pizza, salad, grill, and expo. Individualized printers ensure whoever is manning each station only sees the meals they must assemble. In other words, pizza or grill orders never print at the salad station. 

Arryved functionality takes that organization even further with print mirroring capabilities. Gasparilla set up the expo printer to mirror the three other printers. That way, the pizza, salad, and grill printers print their own specific tickets, and the expo prints everything! 

Having a streamlined approach to getting each printing station the tickets they need guarantees that plates get to guests faster. 

Reports Inform What’s Working, So Gasparilla Can Keep Growing

“We don’t want to be one great restaurant. We want to be a group of great restaurants,” Ed emphasized when explaining how Arryved reporting supports their business growth. Apart from Ed’s favorite Sales Summary Report, the Gasparilla team is focused on where staff members perform the best. 

The Employee Performance Report Dictates Who Works Where

There are a few roles that rotate among Gasparilla team members, and they use Arryved’s Employee Performance Report to see who’s the best fit for each!

This report not only shows which employees are selling and upselling the most. Ed’s team can also see how and when employees interact with guests, which informs who is attempting to boost tab size, offer brand education, or otherwise engage guests. 

With the help of this Arryved report, Ed and his team quickly identified a team member who was boosting alcohol sales big time whenever they took over the bartending role. Now, they know this staff member has the most alcohol knowledge, and they’re considering putting them in cicerone training! 

By quantifying performance metrics, Gasparilla saves time identifying the best fit for staff roles and can confidently invest money in that team member’s growth within the company.

The Ultimate POS Differentiator: Exceptional Customer Support

Here’s something that Ed has never told another one of the countless POS systems he’s worked with before: “What I would say puts Arryved head and shoulders above everyone else is the customer support.”

Ed can’t recall a time when the Arryved system was down, and he sure doesn’t have a bad thing to say about the team that helps Gasparilla when they need it. In fact, his team loves that they can relay an issue quickly to Arryved Support, and trust that they’ll get a call back once it’s resolved. 

Having no interruptions to service whatsoever lets the Gasparilla team continue business as usual and put their energy wholly into food, drinks, and guests. “We’re able to continue to operate and focus on what we need to focus on,” said Ed. 

Because that’s how it should be, right? 

*Featured Image Courtesy of Gasparilla Pizzeria & Growlers

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