Best POS System For Dive Bars

Below we break down 20 features of the best POS system for dive bars, and how these systems support the growing success of bars’ brands. 

Optimizing Your Bar Point of Sale
A bartender smiles at a guest after handing a drink over

Dive bars are typically neighborhood favorites with friendly people and nodescript decor, and some of their success in communities nationwide can be attributed to being powered by the best POS systems. 

What was once a dig at disreputable basement bars, “divey” is now a term of endearment. Dive bars wear this badge of authenticity with pride, and they boast a loyal following of guests that have imbibed with them for years, and will continue to do so as long as the doors are open.

Below we break down 20 features of the best POS system for dive bars, and how these systems support the growing success of bars’ brands. 

Seal of Staff Approval

Ever wonder why the person behind the counter at your favorite dive bar always has a big ol’ smile on their face? It’s because they’re happy to be there! That smile can be attributed to the lack of stress in their life—because the best POS systems make staff members’ lives easier!

1. Mobile devices

Standard POS systems usually have a terminal, cash drawer, and receipt printer, and all of this hardware can be found at a fixed location in the bar. Mobile POS systems, on the other hand, include all of the hardware and software in a mobile, cloud-based system. Smartphones and tablets are used as payment terminals, which mobilizes staff to take orders and payments from anywhere in the bar! Dive bar staff love to make the rounds greeting neighbors and friends, and the best POS system allows them to do just that.

2. Durable hardware

Speaking of hardware, it must be durable to withstand the daily hustle and bustle of dive bars. The best POS system offers devices that are fast, sturdy, and don’t require frequent replacements.

3. Tip pooling

Servers work hard for their tips, and they appreciate when they’re accurately divided. That’s why the best POS system for dive bars offer tip pooling tools, like an automated tip calculator that looks at reporting to determine tips by labor hour. 

Best POS System For Dive Bars

Guest Ordering Ease

The best POS system lets dive bars rake in the most orders in the easiest way possible. This includes tools that both staff and guests use to reduce ordering friction!

4. Quick ordering interface

Dive bars need an easily navigable interface for staff members taking orders, because oftentimes, guests know exactly what they want without even looking at the menu! Adding chef specials and typical crowd favorites to a tab should be a streamlined process with a quick couple clicks of a finger. This kind of customizable ordering interface is offered by the best POS systems.

5. Accepts a variety of payment methods

Because it’s mobile, this kind of POS system accepts a wider variety of payment options than standard POS. As you know, people are increasingly moving away from using cash and checks, and more so gravitating towards places that accept credit, contactless payments, and digital wallets.

6. QR code menus, ordering, and payments

Here’s a tool that both staff and guests use to streamline the ordering process: QR codes! This technology lets customers start tabs on their own devices, add orders themselves OR through a roaming server, and close out. This is perfect for a local quickly dropping in for a late lunch, or for busy Saturday nights when a dive bar is short staffed

Fostering Off Site Engagement

Historically, dive bars have focussed solely on onsite sales, because their celebrity was so well-known locally that people flocked to their establishment. But with pandemic precautions continuing to keep people at home, dive bars are getting more creative with how to foster engagement in other ways, and the best POS systems support them with tools like the following.

7. Online storefront

The best POS system equips bars with a customizable online store where they can sell to-go menu items and merchandise. With the ability to purchase from the comfort of their homes, fans can continue to support their favorite dive bars.

8. Alcohol delivery

This tool from the best POS systems takes online selling one step further: delivery! Direct to consumer shipping of alcohol has blown up in popularity recently, with Drizly’s success at the forefront. To stay relevant and keep those alcohol sales coming in, dive bars with capable POS systems offer delivery.

9. Loyalty program

With reports that 75% of consumers prefer to purchase from businesses with loyalty programs, it’s no surprise that dive bars are hopping on trend. Rewards programs are yet another way to continue engaging with guests without having to see them face-to-face, and it builds brand loyalty! The best POS system makes points earned and redeemed easy to track, and assists with marketing the program online and on-site! 

Management Made Easy

The best POS systems for dive bars reduce the chance of a managerial headache by providing smart technology. This lets staff instead focus on serving up great food, drinks, and customer service!

10. Security

Processing payments day in and day out means your business is responsible for a lot of sensitive data. The last thing a dive bar manager wants to deal with is a security breach, which is why their POS system provides the utmost security for dive bars and their customers.

11. Offline mode

Power outages are completely out of staff’s control, and they shouldn’t be the reason dive bars lose out on sales or ruin a guest’s experience. Offline mode lets bars continue to add items to tabs and close out others, all without power connectivity. Once restored, the best POS systems sync all of that sales data!

12. Card on file

Keeping a rolodex full of credit cards is a dated practice these days. Instead, the best POS systems are offering cards on file. This lets staff swipe cards and hand them right back, so no guest leaves a card behind and staff members save the stress of holding the physical cards.

13. Dynamic digital menus

While dive bars have their staple menu items, sometimes bartenders get a new idea that needs to hit the menu ASAP. Likewise, you could run out of something and need to nix a menu item quickly. These are the reasons that easy-to-update digital menus are key to flourishing dive bars.

14. Timed menus

In addition to staff being able to quickly update menus themselves, the best POS systems offer menus that update automatically! This feature is perfect for discounted Happy Hour items that need to reflect different pricing at different hours of the day.

15. Free, helpful customer support

The best POS systems are responsible for providing superb customer service, too. That’s why dive bars seek out POS with customer support availability 7 days/week by a team of patient food and beverage experts. 

Data Capabilities

The proof of a successful dive bar is in the reporting pudding! Data keeps dive bar owners on track to exceed forecasting sales, recognize growth opportunities, and make changes where they are needed.

16. Real-time reporting

The best POS system collects sales data in real-time, and that’s reflected in the reporting dashboard. The fast pace of dive bars make real-time reporting an absolute necessity, so that regardless of things changing on the fly, you can trust the numbers at any point in time.

17. Web-based portal

That reporting dashboard? The best POS system makes it an accessible web-based portal, so that owners and managers of dive bars can look at their stats from anywhere in the world.

18. To-the-ounce tracking

The reports that a POS collects also need to be specified down to the ounce. This ensures optimal accuracy, and makes forecasting a breeze.

19. Inventory management

Dive bars manage a lot of inventory—food, beverage, and merchandise. The best POS systems make managing depleted inventory a breeze with systems that sync up instantly, so all the data flows in one place.

20. Integrations

Inventory management can be done through an integration, too, as can a collection of other business processes. Integrations work with POS software to streamline business data by working together as one. These integration softwares specialize in certain areas of business, making the best POS systems overall more capable, efficient, and data-savvy. 

Now that you know 20 ways the best POS system supports your favorite dive bar, you can invite Guy Fieri for a tour around town and see this technology in action!

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