2022 Craft Brewing Growth Trends Results

Download the 2022 Craft Brewing Growth Trends report to learn who’s thriving in the brewing industry, and how they’re doing it.

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2022 Craft Brewing Growth Trends

The brewing industry has been through the wringer the past few years. The pandemic was the first domino to fall in a series of business battles: supply chain issues making ingredients and equipment hard to find, wildfires burning hop crops and smoke affecting any chances of new growth, and a labor shortage making us all hold our favorite beertenders extra close. 

And when you’re on the grind, keeping your head down and your staff’s spirits high, sometimes it’s comforting to get a pulse check from neighboring breweries. Are other breweries raising prices this year? I don’t want to be overly confident, but is my brewery the only one expecting growth in 2022?

You’re not alone in wanting to hear from others in brewing. And—spoiler alert—a majority of breweries are indeed expecting business growth in 2022! So where are these flourishing brewhouses investing, and what can you expect from this growing industry in the next 10 months?

As craft beer’s most trusted POS system, Arryved used our nationwide network of breweries to survey brewing owners, managers, and more to create a comprehensive report of 2022 trends. We surveyed both customers and non-customers in a variety of business stages—from breweries just getting started to seasoned brewing vets. 

What we found was exciting, insightful, and in some cases, really surprising. Here’s a—shall we say flight?—of teaser questions you can expect answers to:

  • What’s the most profitable sales channel for breweries?
  • How does annual revenue affect distribution?
  • Where are breweries streamlining operations?

Compare your brewery’s standings, inform operational decisions moving forward, and be inspired with new growth opportunities in the 2022 Craft Brewing Growth Trends report!

I don’t think there’s any other industry that owners are so willing to collaborate and help each other out. It’s so awesome to see that I could talk to someone I’ve never met, but I know they’re a brewery owner, and we could start talking and share ideas and no one’s trying to keep secrets.
Daniel Callender, Co-Owner of Salty Turtle Beer Company

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