Customizable, People-First POS Maximizes Profitability For MainStage Brewing

Learn how MainStage Brewing found success with Arryved POS.

Case Study
People sitting at tables on the patio at MainStage Brewing, a band playing in the background.

Lyons is a small town in Colorado, and a proud home to a variety of small businesses, 97% of which are independently owned. On the west end of Main Street you’ll find MainStage Brewing, where locals and visitors alike are invited to join their community of loyal guests. 

College friends and beer-loving co-owners Sam Scruby and Eric Kean juggle a lot between serving pub-style food, brewing their own beer, and managing musical acts for their outdoor stage. Because their work backgrounds introduced them to Arryved at other local eateries and breweries, Sam and Eric knew the savvy technology would support their new venture, too. 

Customizable Features Exceed MainStage’s Unique Needs

“Let’s experiment! Let’s be the front runners on some new functionality. We’ll take it for a test drive up here,” exclaims Eric. His zeal for experimentation isn’t surprising—MainStage is a willing beta tester for Arryved quite often. The flexibility in the system is not only something that excites the MainStage team, but benefits staff efficiency and therefore the guest experience. 

Managing Revenue Centers Independently Optimizes Service

MainStage manages their business using 3 revenue centers, or what Arryved calls venues: the kitchen, bar, and outdoor patio. The ability to manage them separately gives the team freedom to control how each one operates independently of the others. By curating menu offerings based on what venue the guest is in, servers can quickly add to their tab. 

For example, the pop-up bar on the outdoor patio solely offers the 6 most popular beer taps. This eases the workload of the busy beertender—they can quickly choose from the specified options, pour the order, and not distract from the act on stage. 

An Intuitive Interface & Modifiers Make Personalizing Dishes Fast

The kitchen makes up about 45% of MainStage’s sales, offering pizza, wings, salad, and more. Besides all being the perfect food pairing to a beer and a show, these meals require personalization with every order: toppings, sauces, and dressings. 

Arryved’s forced modifiers prompt servers to ask all of the necessary questions when it comes to particular preferences, and the intuitive interface makes it a breeze to enter on POS devices. Now, no modifier is forgotten and every dish is made to a guest’s liking!

Table Numbers Expedite Ordering

Operating via counter service made Eric and Sam initially think table numbers weren’t of use to them. But then they realized that the feature didn’t just streamline plate deliveries, but it also made adding to tabs much faster. 

“Table numbers completely changed the game. Cleaned up service, makes it super easy, prints great on the ticket. Everyone on the staff thought it was intuitive and easy and we picked it up super fast,” says Eric. 

Now, instead of handwriting buzzer numbers on receipts, table numbers make each tab searchable by name. So when guests settle in for the 2nd music set and another plate of wings, MainStage staff can get the grub on their tab and in the fryer in no time. And they don’t have to manage scribbled receipts!

People-First Features Boost MainStage’s Profitability

Customization is great for maximizing service efficiency and ensuring a satisfied customer base. But Arryved’s people-first features are responsible for helping the brewery-restaurant boost profits!

Ordering Convenience Boosts Tab Size

What happens to sales when live music is in store? “It just jacks us through the roof!” according to Eric. 

With an Arryved-supported pop-up bar next to the stage, music lovers don’t hesitate on their next round because it’s so convenient to order without having to miss a beat.

Plus, the satellite setup takes pressure off the main indoor bar: 20% of beverage sales in fact! Shorter lines inside mean staff can service more guests and build up those tab sizes. 

Card On File Prevents Walkouts On Unpaid Tabs

“One thing we love about Arryved is the ability to swipe a card and open a tab. It’s huge for us, it saves us money every night on people that would walk out on cash tabs. Most POS systems don’t let you do that,” says Eric. He’s talking about Arryved’s card on file feature, which lets businesses like MainStage keep tabs open without holding physical cards. 

In addition to saving everyone the headache of managing a rolodex, card on file allows the team to close all remaining tabs at the end of the night with a standard gratuity. Now guests can leave at the drop of a hat without worrying about settling up. 

Customer Support Assures MainStage Is In Good Hands

Arryved’s award-winning Customer Support Team doesn’t go unnoticed at MainStage. Because staff can rely on Support to solve problems fast, they can focus their energy on growing the business instead. 

Get this: When a router recently went wonky, an Arryved team member even visited in-person on a Saturday to resolve the internet issues they were facing! 

By working with a POS equally as focused on people as MainStage is, Eric and Sam continue to build community in a town known for it.

*Featured image courtesy of MainStage Brewing.

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