How A 2-Person Team Streamlines Operations & Maximizes Sales Using Their POS

Learn how Arryved POS’s helpful humans and straightforward tech support FoxDog’s success.

Case Study

When Ashley and John Vernon spent a year abroad, they fell in love with Eastern European coffee culture and became inspired to open a similar community-building business in the states. Later, back in small town Texas, the husband and wife team found the perfect (literal) home in the downtown district of Temple. 

The Vernons spent the next two years living in the building themselves and renovating it on weekends. It’s now known as the town’s beloved cafe and beer garden: FoxDog.

But with both owners continuing to work their full-time jobs during the week, FoxDog needed a POS system that made business easier and profits bigger for the couple whose business is only open on weekends. Upon a fellow small business’s recommendation—shout-out to Fire Base Brewing Co.—the Vernons chose Arryved POS. 

A Fully-Integrated Online Store Boosted Holiday Sales Revenue

The simple setup of Arryved’s online store allows FoxDog to generate off-premise sales without the heavy lifting of a complete website buildout. All they had to do was upload product photos and set prices to have a fully functional storefront!

So when FoxDog’s first holiday season rolled around, the Vernons marketed customizable gift baskets on social media to drive traffic to their store. They were astounded by the positive revenue growth from a minimal amount of effort!

“What do you do when it’s slow during the holiday season? You try to find ways to upsell as much as you can passively, so that you’re not expending all of your energy,” reminisces Ashley. “People could order [the gift baskets] online, then we opened one day a week and everyone came and picked them up. That was great.”

Great, indeed. In fact, FoxDog’s November 2022 online sales were 318% higher than October’s! 

For a small business like FoxDog, both storage and days open are minimal, making it a challenge to increase sales during the winter months. Despite these hurdles, Arryved’s online store allowed the Vernons to move inventory and maximize revenue. 

Arryved Service Tools Make Customization Easy, Resulting In Satisfied Guests

FoxDog offers an exceptional line of locally made products: beer, coffee, and wine. Thanks to following tools from Arryved, customizing each order is easy for the FoxDog team to do without holding up the line at the counter:

  • Flight tools: With an assortment of delicious Central Texas brewery drafts to choose from, Arryved’s flight tools let Temple locals and day-trippers try a little bit of everything. 
  • Modifiers: Customizing coffee orders has never been simpler. Arryved modifiers make milk alternatives, syrups flavors, and ice additions an easy ask. 
  • Unique products: FoxDog’s Pay It Forward Board is a heart warmer and future business guarantee-er. Guests can buy a drink for a teacher, firefighter, or friend, and tack it onto the board to be redeemed at a later date. This unique offering was easy to set up on the backend and is seamless for staff to add to any tab. 

“When I learned about building flights and forced modifiers, I felt like I could get really creative,” beams Ashley. It helps their guests get creative too, making for return visits and positive reviews. 

Comprehensive Reporting Helps Forecast For Consumer Demand

With limited space, Arryved reports allow the Vernons to store more of what their guests like depending on what’s been chosen in the past. 

“It helps me with my planning because our cooler is smaller. We have to be strategic with what we put in it,” John says. This limits food waste and helps move products out of storage during their limited hours. 

FoxDog uses historical data to determine top sellers when planning for big crowds. Then, for events like Oktoberfest, the Vernons stock up on the most popular drafts so they can meet demand and maximize sales. 

When it’s all said and done? “The accounting is fantastic because we can pull all the reports for that and send it straight over to our accountant,” applauds Ashley. 

Friendly Customer Support Finds Thorough Solutions Fast

The Vernons are clearly self-starters, and appreciate Arryved’s on-demand videos and articles as resources when implementing a new feature or solving an issue in the system. But, when they need help beyond the resource center, FoxDog’s owners are even more impressed by the human-backed phone and email support. 

“Within usually 24 hours, I have something scheduled for someone to sit down, screenshare, and record the entire session with me, that they then send me so I can rewatch it after the fact,” says Ashley. “The customer service being built into the service that we’re using without it being extra has been phenomenal for our first year.”

FoxDog knows firsthand the power of the human touch, and Arryved exceeds those expectations when it comes to product support.

Helpful Humans & Straightforward Tech Supports FoxDog’s Success

Sky’s the limit for FoxDog, who just celebrated their one year anniversary. By partnering with a POS system equally committed to innovation, the Vernons can boldly plan for their future without the fear of being held back by technology.  

“We’re excited that Arryved is going to continue to grow and evolve as we’re continuing to grow,” says Ashley. 

Cheers to that!

The FoxDog himself! Image courtesy of FoxDog.

Featured image courtesy of FoxDog.

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