How Arryved POS Saves Three Hands Mead Time & Money

Learn how Three Hands Mead Company found success with Arryved POS

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Husband and wife duo, Cody Lenz and Jamie Paff, have been hard at work—and short on time—since opening Three Hands Mead Company in Plant City, FL in early 2021. They’re the dream team: Cody is the mead maker and heavy lifter, and Jamie is the genius behind the honeycomb decor throughout their downtown space. This dynamic inspired their meadery’s name: Whenever one of them needs an extra hand, the other is there to help. 

After launching with Arryved POS, they quickly realized technology could serve as a third helping hand, too. 

Time-Saving POS Tools Mean Less Work For Owners & Better Guest Experiences

With limited help behind the bar and 6+ delicious meads to try, it’s important to Three Hands Mead to have the POS tools available to make order and checkout fast, so their guests stay happy and come back again. 

Expediting Checkout With A Guest-Facing App & Flexible Card Readers

Once guests are satisfied—which they surely will be after Three Hands’ signature Florida orange blossom honey fermented mead—the 2-person team is thankful for the Arryved functionality that makes closing out easy.

A guest-facing mobile app that allows guests to close themselves out saves Three Hands Mead from presenting receipts themselves. They’re not the only ones that save time—now guests can skip the line and check out on their own time! Arryved’s app is available to download for all smartphone users, making it a helpful tool for regulars and newcomers alike. 

Plus, chip and tap card readers from Arryved make for faster checkouts for Google and Apple Pay customers. Digital wallets are only getting more popular, and this convenience is both a time saver and crowd pleaser. 

Flights Encourage Tasters Without Requiring More Work

A mouthwatering menu is perfect for the mead curious, and thanks to Arryved’s easy-to-use flight tools, assembling a sampler tray isn’t a timely task. With intuitive tab functionalities, it’s quick for either team member to enter a flight into their POS system. 

Plus, there’s no limit on customization, making for empowered guests. Thirsty customers can choose from a range of 2-8 options and can even add a local beer or cider pour to a flight with no problem or added wait. 

POS Support Solves Problems Fast

If there’s ever an issue with their POS, the Three Hands duo knows they can depend on Arryved’s phone and email support to solve it fast. That way, one of them isn’t forced to stay on hold waiting for help while the other manages the tasting room solo. 

“Arryved has helped us be much more efficient with how we use our time with our POS system. It’s more than a POS system—it’s helped us manage our business and saved a lot of time and headache along the way,” says Cody about having more time for guest interactions with Arryved’s time-saving system. 

Money-Saving POS Tools Give Three Hands Mead The Freedom To Grow

Three Hands Mead having the support of money-saving tools not only helps them maximize profitability, it also gives them the ability to grow their business. 

Free Features Inspire Experimentation & Business Growth

“If I need more features, it’s nice that I can just have them with Arryved. With another company, I have to pay extra,” recalls Cody. Of their previous POS system, he continues: “It was a good place to start, but not a good place to grow.”

Arryved’s continually-growing suite of features has merchants like Three Hands Mead itching to experiment. And since each one is free of charge, they can do so without having to eat any additional fees. 

This freedom to experiment has led to successes, too! For example, Arryved’s event tools allow Three Hands to host mead-making classes without having to involve (or pay) third party websites to sell tickets or to-go bottles. 

“We’re not having to use a third party system for events, a third party system for bottle sales, and figure out how to match them in a POS system. Arryved has it all under one umbrella,” says Cody. “There’s websites for buying tickets online, and there’s apps and websites where you can do your bottle sales… that all costs money. With Arryved, we don’t have to spend that money.”

The ease of keeping all event details under one system for free makes hosting events straightforward for the couple and presents the opportunity to grow their consumer base and brand name with fun programming. 

Sales Data Informs Process Improvements

“It’s just the two of us here,” Cody reminds us when explaining how helpful Arryved’s savvy reporting is to their business. Thanks to real-time data accessible at any place and time, Three Hands Mead can set goals from baseline reports and also ensure exceptional product quality. Cody says simply: “The reporting is awesome.

When it comes to events and other key revenue-building opportunities, the Three Hands team looks back at how they did at similar times previously. That way, they can make a plan of attack for where they can improve.

A specific Arryved report that keeps Three Hands on top of their margins and knowing what’s most popular is the Sales By Item Report. This information helps Cody plan production accordingly, and also flags when a batch may be slightly off. 

“Being small batch, not every batch is identical,” explains Cody. When a report tells him a signature mead is dipping in popularity, he knows to check that particular batch. “We try to be as consistent as we can, but is there something off with a batch or has it been sitting too long and the flavors have changed?” With this data informing product quality, Three Hands ensures they’re proud of each glass of mead they serve. 

Three Hands Mead clearly has their fingers—all 15—on the pulse of unique mead and even sweeter service. As a tasting room that’s still fairly new to the Tampa area, it’s important to Cody and Jamie to save every minute and cent possible. Thanks to Arryved POS, they can!

*Featured Image courtesy of Three Hands Mead Company

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