How Zambaldi Beer Recovered $2K In Payment Processing Costs In 25 Days

“It’s comforting to know there’s more money coming in on every single transaction.” – Abigail Malcolm, Zambaldi Beer Co-Owner & GM

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Zambaldi Beer

Zambaldi Beer, just across the Fox River from Lambeau Field, quenches the thirst of Packers fans and tourists alike in downtown Green Bay, WI. 

Having opened their doors just 7 weeks before the beginning of the pandemic, Zambaldi’s team has encountered just about every curveball the industry has thrown the past few years. Historically high inflation as well as rising production and labor costs are just some of the expenses cutting into Zambaldi’s bottom line. 

Luckily, Arryved’s Dual Pricing Program allows Zambaldi to completely recover payment processing costs, putting the brewery on track to make over $26k in additional annualized profits.

Dual Pricing Saves Precious Costs For Zambaldi Beer

In a razor thin margin situation, payment processing really cuts into your bottom line,” says Abigail Malcolm, Co-Owner and GM of the Zambaldi taproom. She continues: “Everything seems to be costing more.”

In fact, Zambaldi saw COGS (cost of goods sold) increase 10-15% across the board, with prices up on packaging, labels, grain, glass, etc. 

After implementing Dual Pricing, Zambaldi saw revenue increase $1,808 after 25 days! Abigail insists that April isn’t even a good month for taprooms in Green Bay. 

It’s only going to go up!” she exclaims, eager for the warmer months and bigger crowds ahead.

Relaying The Pricing Change To Guests Was A “Non-Issue”

Of course, rolling out new menu prices makes business owners nervous about their guests’ reactions. 

“We were poised for the fight,” Abigail admits. “But it was such a non-issue, it was kind of laughable.” She explains that while a handful of people have asked about the change, conversations have been positive and understanding. 

Not only are guests fine with the change, but data shows consumer behavior in using cards or cash has been “exactly the same.” 

What’s Next For Zambaldi Beer’s Growing Bottom Line?

Arryved’s data predicts $26,397 in additional annualized profits for Zambaldi, a significant amount for the brewery that’s been playing financial catchup since 2020. 

It’s comforting to know there’s more money coming in on every single transaction,” Abigail says. “We’re just hoping to continue to dig ourselves out of our pandemic hole that we dug ourselves in by trying to keep our business afloat. So it’s nice to have a little bit more cushion.”

Zambaldi’s struggle with rising costs speaks for so many craft beverage businesses across the country. They’re grateful to their POS for the cost cutting opportunity, and to their guests for understanding and continuing to support local craft beer.

Go! Zambaldi Beer go!

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