Level Up Your Restaurant Operations

Arryved has a whole suite of tools to enhance and streamline your restaurant operations from kitchen to table.

Level Up with Arryved

We’re all about craft beverages at Arryved, but did you know we LOVE food too? We have a whole suite of tools to enhance and streamline your culinary operations from kitchen to table. 


From venue management, to tab splitting, to modifiers, (and more) Arryved is designed with ease in mind—when you have the right tools it’s easy to provide seamless service and excellent hospitality.

For establishments with multiple spaces and offerings, the ability to create different revenue centers is a game changer! Perhaps your happy hour menu is only available at the bar, or you regularly host private events. By setting up distinct venues in Arryved Service, businesses can customize each space: everything from seat maps and printer settings down to which menu items are available. Order your happy hour items in the bar venue and order from the special private events menu in your events space. The items visible in each venue of Arryved Service are totally customizable and can be changed to suit the needs of the day. When referring to reports later, revenue will be visible both in aggregate and broken down by venue.

Set up seat maps for each venue for a quick picture of occupied tables and to enable the host stand to start tabs for guests as soon as they walk in! Dynamic tabs allow guests to move from one venue to another within your space, all while holding onto the guest’s name and card-on-file. This means that even if a guest starts at the bar, has their meal at a table, and finishes with after-dinner drinks on the patio, their name and card information lives with their tab wherever they go. 

While splitting tabs and items can often be a nightmare for servers and kitchens alike, Arryved Service is a dream come true. Seat numbers are an easy way to create subtabs for each guest which can be split at the touch of a button. Plus, seat numbers tell food runners where to drop a plate so they won’t auction it off (hello, great service!). Even shared items are an easy split! Never sweat splitting a tab again. 

Ensure that guests keep coming back by infusing a Wow factor into their experience: Arryved Service allows servers to send through a table’s drink order without exiting the order screen, so the guests’ beverages drop while their server is still taking their order! Guests will be amazed—did their server read their minds?! Similarly, items can be held and fired at appropriate times to guarantee a perfectly coursed meal. 

Modifiers provide a great bridge between front and back of house. For servers and bartenders placing orders in Arryved Service, optional modifiers auto-fill with predictive text for common requests; however, open text custom modifiers can always be typed in. Any modifier with an upcharge will be color-coded with the cost built-in. This distinction, of course, will translate to your back of house with color-coded printing so the kitchen never has to worry if the server forgot to add an upcharge. And, with forced modifiers attached to items, you’ll never forget to ask a guest what temperature they want their burger cooked.


Centralizing your inventory and orders in one system will save you time, money, and headaches!

Build inventory counts into every item on the menu to guarantee your lunch special never gets oversold again. These numbers will count down and automatically kick any item or size that reaches zero. Kicked items will disappear from menus in real timeand that means all of them! Across venues, on your digital menu board, even on your online store: if an item is kicked from Arryved Service, it’s kicked everywhere! All inventory items are linked across various Arryved tools, meaning you never have to log in to multiple platforms to remove a menu item again. 

Complex printing is made simple with Arryved. Set up as many as 9 distinct printers throughout the space, so salads get sent to the pantry, burgers to the grill, and (of course) drinks to the bar. Paperless options are available, too! Utilize a Kitchen Display Screen (KDS) to display orders from front-of-house to the kitchen and manage them without dealing with paper tickets. An order screen is available in Arryved Service: set up a tablet with Arryved Service in the kitchen to populate with orders from front-of-house and the online store! 

On the Web: the Kitchen Comes to the Guest

In 2020, it’s critical to have your products available online for the folks who can’t join you in person. Arryved Online connects your on-premise dining with your takeaway dining. All inventory counts are honored universally across Arryved Service and Arryved Online, meaning if one item is left and someone orders it from the online store, it will automatically kick across all platforms!

Back Office Operations

With Arryved Portal, it’s a piece of cake to keep track of inventory, sales, popularity of menu items and much more! Utilize Arryved’s integration with Yellow Dog to track ingredients and get granular with inventory tracking. Enter COGS on items to determine profit margins and make informed decisions on which items to keep on the menu. 

Reporting in Arryved Portal is comprehensive and gives great insight to make smart business decisions. Break down taxes into different categories, like food, beverage and merchandise. See what is being discounted and by whom using comp reporting. Schedule reports to go out to the people who need to know on a daily basis. Utilize the depth of reporting to get a clear picture of revenue, costs, loss, and efficiency. 

Whether you’re just launching your food operation or you’re a well-established restaurant, Arryved has the tools you need to run your kitchen! With an all-you-can-eat buffet of possibilities, use Arryved to take your kitchen to the next level today!