Lifting Spirits: Donate at Checkout Launches in Time for Holiday Giving

Point-of-service technology leader Arryved makes it easy for food and beverage establishments to collect charitable donations.

Press Release
Server swipes credit card at the bar

Leading point-of-service (POS) provider Arryved’s newest feature allows craft beverage and food establishments to include charitable donations as a seamless part of the guest payment experience. 

Arryved’s donation feature provides the opportunity for guests to round up their tab to the nearest dollar or make a one-time donation of any amount to a charitable organization. Establishments using Arryved’s POS can choose a beneficiary and collect cashless donations to help support their favorite organizations easily. (Check out our list of national charitable organizations for inspiration on who to donate to.)

The craft food and beverage communities are well known for supporting local causes. In a press release from November 2019, the Brewers Association reported that craft brewers gave an estimated $92.6 million to charitable organizations in 2018. 

Arryved’s data shows that donations average 71 cents per tab. At North Carolina’s NoDa Brewing Company, the new feature has helped raise $500 for a local nonprofit in its first three weeks of prompting guests to round up during checkout.  

Since its inception in 2011, NoDa has been committed to giving back to the community. The brewery holds weekly events where $1 of every pint sold benefits a nonprofit, brews collaboration beers to raise money and awareness, and works on building a culture that supports employee contributions to nonprofits. 

“We’re always looking for new ways to benefit nonprofits, especially those that our leadership team and coworkers are involved in and passionate about,” says Jamaar Valentine, NoDa’s taproom general manager.

“Arryved’s new donation feature gives us one more opportunity to collect money for great causes without having to collect cash.” 

Nonprofit organizers are also optimistic about the new donation feature from Arryved strengthening the craft culture of giving. 

“This feature will help strengthen the existing sense of philanthropy within the craft beer community,” says Christopher Glenn, founder and executive director of Bottleshare. Glenn founded Bottleshare as a fundraising and fund distribution nonprofit organization for the craft beverage industry. Bottleshare grants emergency funds to members of the industry when they experience extreme hardships that prevent them from working or producing an income. (Learn more about how Bottleshare got started here.)

“Creating a space to raise money on an on-going basis in taprooms will help us fill gaps in our fundraising so that emergency funds can be available the second someone experiences illness, injury or disaster,” says Glenn. “My goal is to say that I can help anyone, anywhere, at any time within the craft beverage industry. This round up option will bring us one step closer.”


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