The New & Improved Arryved Has… Arryved

We’re on a mission to power places with personality.

Arryved News

That’s right: There’s a newly outfitted Arryved in town. With it comes a new logo, new colors, and a brand spankin’ new website that encompasses our not-so-new initiative to service more businesses in the food, beverage, music, and hospitality industries.

Humor us on a quick jaunt down memory lane…

Arryved roots were first planted while enjoying a pint in a local taproom in 2016. Our founders were talking shop at the bar, and their love of tech and beer, along with the desire to streamline business for the lovely people that serve it, is where the idea of a brewery-specific POS came from. We’ve been primarily servicing craft spots ever since.

But we quickly realized our suite of tools helped a lot more establishments than just beer joints. We began working with and hiring from industries outside of craft—listening, learning, and innovating, as always, along the way. Suddenly our craft-centric core was holding us back from working with businesses beyond breweries. 

If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll know this isn’t our first makeover: 

The progression of Arryved logos since our launch in 2015.

This time our logo includes a table to represent the space communities gather ‘round to enjoy whatever a business may offer. Our refreshed look showcases all that Arryved has become, and the business we’re growing into: As our community expands, so do the items on the table.

So, what’s new?


If you’ve spoken with a sales or customer support representative, or even said hi to one of our sock-slingers at an event booth, you know that our team is bursting with color. Our new quirky flair encompasses that bright, dynamic energy to communicate that Arryved is inclusive, fun, and unblanding the world of POS.


We’re going to start wearing the crown we’ve earned. With a growing team throughout the US,  successful vendors in every state, and a 99% customer retention rate, Arryved isn’t afraid to be loud ‘n proud about the good work we’re doing. 

We’ve been shy about singing our own praises, but consider this declaration as our team stepping up to the microphone!


Now that we’ve broken out of the craft box, there’s no stopping us. Arryved is on a mission to power places with personality by decreasing service friction and increasing guest satisfaction. 

That means all types of places: restaurants, bars, ice cream shops, meaderies, kombucheries, cideries, pizzerias, distilleries, music venues, food halls, axe throwing spots, food trucks, and more! 

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Here’s what you can expect to stay the same: 

  • A flexible, high-performing product that staff, regardless of business type, love
  • Exceptional customer support that thoroughly trains staff, genuinely empathizes with frustrations, and solves problems efficiently
  • An ongoing excitement to flex with an industry that’s ever-evolving

After all, your business is always changing. Shouldn’t ours, too?

Now, go forth and explore our swanky new website

Ready for a better POS?