Recover $20K+ per year in costs

With Arryved’s Dual Pricing, customers offset an average of $20K+ per year in processing costs.

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About the program

Arryved’s Dual Pricing Program allows you to set cash and non-cash prices, empowering you to recover payment processing fees in order to offset rising costs and maximize revenue.

Dual Pricing utilizes a flat rate processing fee which allows you to benefit from daily deposits. With daily deposits your processing fees are automatically deducted before the funds hit your bank account each day, eliminating a large monthly statement for your business and providing more predictable income.

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How It Works

  1. Menus list everything in standard non-cash prices. These prices are adjusted at your discretion, ultimately covering costs associated with card transactions.
  2. At payment, guests are given the option to pay with cash or card.
  3. If a guest pays with card, they pay the standard prices listed.
  4. If a guest pays with cash, Arryved automatically applies the discounted rate.
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Businesses Approve of Dual Pricing

Dual Pricing is a really easy way to help with our overall cost increases without raising prices for our guests. We’re able to put more money back into the business and continue to expand and grow.

Jeff GolliherOwner, Dry Falls Brewing Company


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