Yellow Dog

Inventory Management

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Yellow Dog

Yellow Dog Software offers a suite of inventory solutions to help taprooms manage their food & beverage and retail inventory operations so you can take back control of your inventory. Yellow Dog can account for everything sold – One solution with the core inventory workflows you’ll need.
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Faster Reporting

Rely on faster item creation and management, recipe costing, streamlined purchasing and receiving electronic vendor invoice processing, quick and accurate physical inventories, and analysis reporting.

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Understand the numbers to drive better business decisions – Improve your bottom line with reporting and analytics.

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Sync with your Arryved POS to automate inventory management – Create retail items in Arryved and automatically sync sales information to manage inventory deductions.


…and a Kalin and an Adam and tens of other helpful support specialists. Hospitality is fast-paced, and when you need help, you need a human on the other line ASAP. Our daily initiatives are to solve your pain points and help your team maximize efficiency.

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End to End Tracking

Yellow Dog can track to-go and at-location items all in the same transaction and deduct from your on-hand amounts almost instantly. You can set up a recipe to track your limited supply, sell by the single can, 4-pack, case or draft, Yellow Dog can track it all back to one on-hand and for special releases.

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Inventory Management

Manage your large bottle inventory with ease. With a lot of money tied up, that’s an asset that needs to be closely monitored with a very accurate on-hand. Yellow Dog can deduct these bottles as they are sold by the bottle, glass, case, or even 2oz sample on a flight board.


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