Arryved Expands Industries, Bringing Flexible Point of Service Solutions to Restaurants

Arryved’s POS, e-commerce and loyalty solutions have proven to be powerful and flexible in supporting the changing needs of service- and experience-based businesses.

Arryved, a leading point-of-service (POS) service provider for craft beverage establishments, announces its expansion into the food and entertainment industries in 2021. Getting its start as a POS provider for craft breweries, Arryved’s POS, e-commerce and loyalty solutions have proven to be powerful and flexible in supporting the changing needs of service- and experience-based businesses.

Arryved has created a unique venue-based interface that allows guests to move freely about an establishment, interacting with multiple staff members with no interruption to the ordering experience. This unique and intuitive user experience helps to provide the best service for guests, especially in non-traditional eating environments and when food and beverage sales are paired with an activity.

Through its flexibility, ease-of-use and innovative approach, Arryved’s mobile point of sale, consumer app and e-commerce offerings position businesses to adapt their guest experience to the needs of the day, week or season.

Arryved’s latest technology innovations also provide the safety of touch-free ordering, mobile payment and online ordering to businesses across the “eatertainment” industry. For food, beverage and entertainment-based businesses, Arryved’s functionality helps to boost online and to-go sales when in-person service is limited. As much as 20 percent of revenue generated by Arryved’s customers has come from the use of online and mobile app ordering, equating to over $20 million in transactions during COVID-19 shutdowns.

“Businesses in the eatertainment and food-service industries, many of whom had never needed an online storefront, were forced to adapt to shifting consumer behavior in 2020. Arryved works to support business growth and new sales channels for these business owners,” says Arryved Chief Growth Officer Nancy Trigg. “It’s also important that we provide the tools for businesses wanting to implement safer practices in their communities.”

Arryved’s point-of-service solution focuses on mobility, simplifying solutions for customer-focused services like multiple venue management, roaming tabs, splitting and merging checks, customizable digital menus, seamless management of network outages, loyalty programs, a consumer facing touch-free payment app, and best-in-class data insights—all of which, together, create the best guest experience possible.

Arryved Online allows Arryved customers to create custom branded online stores and sell their products online for curbside, to-go, home delivery and on-premise, contactless, table service. The new features of Arryved Online fully integrate with the Arryved POS platform, making fulfillment of orders from all points of origin a seamless experience for establishments and guests.

Currently Arryved boasts a retention rate of 95.5 percent and the highly competitive Net Promoter Score of 88. The NPS is a standardized customer satisfaction benchmark that measures how likely customers are to recommend the service to a family member or friend. “Providing amazing guest experiences and service is where our customers thrive, so we want to emulate that same customer-first experience for them,” says Trigg.