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Summer Comeback Webinar Series
Maximize Your Most Profitable Season

Heading into the busiest summer in 3 years, you need to make a lasting impression on every guest that walks through your doors. The Summer Comeback Series is a 3-part webinar series that covers how to:

– Spark newcomers’ interest and engagement with your brand
– Help your team become the ultimate on-premise sales reps
– Garner repeat business and a band of loyal customers

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Topics and Special Guest Speakers

Tune in to hear from food and beverage enthusiasts and hospitality professionals as they share tips for how to make this summer count, giving your bottom line a boost and crowding your space with satisfied guests that can’t wait to come back.

Part 1

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How To Spark Community Interest & Attract Newcomers

Join our speakers from Sing Sing Kill Brewery, Fitzhugh Brewing, and Denver Distillery as they talk all about how to spark community interest and engage the guests in your space, with topics such as: 

  • Efficient, unique ways to spread the word about your craft
  • Best practices to make a great first impression
  • Events that get guests in the door and keep them engaged
  • Going outside of your walls to increase customer engagement

Part 2

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How To Train Staff To Boost Tab Sizes

Join our speakers from Bevana and Seattle Cider Company as they cover:

  • Turning servers into the ultimate sales reps
  • The data behind upsells and staff recommendations boosting your bottom line
  • Why educating your team on how to educate your guests creates brand enthusiasts
  • How to encourage and reward staff upsells

Part 3

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How To Ensure Repeat Business & A Loyal Fanbase

Join our speakers from The Whale: A Craft Beer Collective and Leaven Brewing in this final webinar as they cover:

  • How to turn every guest’s “Goodbye” into a “See you later!”
  • Ways to incentivize return visits and encourage group gatherings
  • Benefits of a fully-integrated loyalty program
  • Ideas for increasing new membership sign-ups