Beverage Businesses Rejoice: The BarTrack & Arryved Integration Is Here

Ready to get granular with your data?

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If your business runs a robust beverage program, you need the appropriate tools to manage your draft liquids. The BarTrack and Arryved integration helps you: 

  • Improve beverage quality
  • Minimize waste
  • Save time with synced data
  • Maximize taproom revenue

And the proof is in the tap line pudding! Take it from Austin John, Owner of Apocalypse Ale Works:

“If I were to suggest to a fellow brewery the business tools they should invest in, Arryved and BarTrack would be the two most major investments for front-of-house solutions. They are a game-changer when it comes to the success of the draft beer program and overall visibility into business operations.”

Apocalypse isn’t the only success story from this game-changing integration. Learn how these breweries reduced pour costs by over 5% and saved $20k/month using both BarTrack and Arryved. 

Ready to get granular with your taproom data?  Check out the BarTrack website to get started.

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