The Arryved POS & BarTrack Integration Saves $20K/Month By Reducing Pour Costs

Learn how 2 taprooms saved money with the BarTrack + Arryved integration.

Case Study Industry Friends

Despite each restaurant and bar experience being completely unique—from the atmosphere and staff to the distinct flavors—every business owner shares the same core needs. They seek easy-to-use tools that help them:

  • Serve consistently high-quality products
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Maximize revenue & minimize waste

For Apocalypse Ale Works in Forest, VA, and Grist Brewing in Highlands Ranch, CO, the Arryved POS and BarTrack integration provides all of the above, and more.

Reliable Reporting Helps Make Amazing Beer

“We are a low staff, family-run business,” says Austin John, Owner at Apocalypse Ale Works. With minimal people to run their busy taproom, Austin appreciates the ability to get detailed data about every facet of his front of house operations

In fact, these quantifiable metrics helped Austin identify pour inconsistencies. “We improved our draft beer quality, and pinpointed a carbonation issue that was causing our beer to pour flat without optimal head,” Austin says. 

Chuck Norman, Owner of Grist Brewing, shares a similar sentiment: “This is the solution for breweries to start re-examining their draft program in the taproom and take a revised approach to maximizing potential profits and improving brand integrity through quality.”

Making consistently high-quality beer helps maintain a positive brand identity, driving traffic and boosting revenue for these beverage makers. 

Easy-To-Use Tools & Helpful, Directive Support Improves Bar Management Efficiency

The Arryved and BarTrack systems manage a complex amount of information without burdening business owners with complicated processes. Their seamless integration makes for an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn suite of tools. 

“If I were to suggest to a fellow brewery the business tools they should invest in, Arryved and BarTrack would be the two most major investments for front-of-house solutions. They are a game-changer when it comes to the success of the draft beer program and overall visibility into business operations,” Austin says. 

But gaining that comprehensive insight to a taproom’s operations may make the next steps seem daunting: You’ve identified what’s wrong, but you may not know what to do about it. Luckily for users of Arryved and BarTrack, customer support helps formulate and execute those next steps

“I can’t stress enough how good our customer service experience has been. The Customer Success team has been extremely helpful through personalized consulting. In a short period of time we have dramatically reduced our pour costs through identifying principal causes of waste and creating a specific plan to successfully remedy those causes,” Chuck emphasized. 

Having a Support Team to help guide your business to success makes for a best-in-class customer experience.

Reducing Pour Costs Saves Grist $20K/Month

Liquid is a precious cost for breweries, and minimizing its waste is at the top of every owner’s to-do list. The Arryved and BarTrack integration identifies where waste is happening, so tap-pouring businesses can prevent it going forward and ultimately reduce those pour costs. In fact, both Apocalypse and Grist significantly reduced these costs in a matter of months.

Apocalypse Ale Works went from a 12.8% to a 7.5% pour cost in 3 months. That’s over a 5% deduction!

“In the first month the system had paid for itself,” Austin beams. 

Grist Brewing saw a similar success: Their pour cost dropped from 12.8% to 7.6%, reducing $6,359 of lost potential revenue to $1,392, which is an average of $5K in savings per week. That means they’re saving nearly $20K per month!

“We would highly recommend all breweries use the BarTrack system. It’s a guaranteed return on investment,” Chuck says. 

Join BarTrack and Arryved for the webinar showcasing their integration, and get first-hand insights from Austin at Apocalypse Ale Works!

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