Diversified Revenue Streams Maximize Sales For Denver Distillery

Read how Arryved POS supports Denver Distillery with offline mode, savvy reporting, and an intuitive system.

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Denver Distillery, a proud grain to glass business, keeps their homegrown values heavily rooted in their local-focused operations. Everything bottled and sold is made from scratch, the locally sourced ingredients are distilled in homemade copper equipment built by the founding members, and even the beautiful bottles and logos were designed by a local artist named Josh Peters.

Unsurprisingly, they also source their POS system locally. Arryved, a fellow Colorado native business, wowed Denver Distillery from the start with in-person visits to the tasting room. “Arryved came recommended. What really attracted us, one of the VPs actually came down to our distillery and met with us. And then we were onboarded by someone in person as well. It was amazing—we’ve never had someone come in person before. That was a really good sign,” reminisces Manager, Chris Anderson-Tarver, who started the business with his father-in-law as a moonshine-tinkering duo.

While the distillery’s love of local touches all aspects of their business, Arryved’s value largely stems from its ability to support sales off premise using offline mode, savvy reporting, and an intuitive system

Offline Mode Reliably Supports The Team At Offsite Events

Colorado recently passed the Distillery Pub License Law which allows Denver Distillery to participate in 9 offsite events per year. And with the support of Arryved’s offline mode, they eagerly hit the road!

At the farmers markets and festivals they participated in this year, Denver Distillery was able to seamlessly process transactions offline without worrying about the system crashing. “We do go to events where cell phone service is spotty, or there isn’t any… and the offline feature is really great. We can still run cards and then just batch them when we get back to the distillery. We really like that functionality,” notes Chris. 

Besides being easy to use, offline mode has supported a huge new revenue stream for the distillery: They brought in over $13k in sales from offsite events alone this year. 

Determining Success Is Simple With Good Reporting

Discovering the roaring success of offsite events was easy with Arryved’s advanced venue reporting, which they use to analyze different profit centers of their business.

“Our distillery is essentially 2 businesses in 1,” said Chris, referring to onsite bar sales and wholesale. “In the manufacturing umbrella, we distribute our alcohol. So keeping track of sales for both businesses has been possible and relatively easy to do with Arryved.”

Whether you’re trying to identify what’s working or trying to fix a loose cog, getting granular with data is a must for a growing business like Denver Distillery. 

A Human Touch Makes The Technology Even Better

Of course, as a people-centric business, the Denver Distillery staff can’t praise Arryved’s award-winning customer support enough. On or off premise, their team can get a hold of a support member and have their problem resolved fast. “I really love your customer service… All I have to do is either pick up a phone or send an email and I get a response so quickly it’s amazing!” commends Chris. 

As far as his service team? “My bartenders all tell me that they really appreciate how the software is laid out for them, and that they have all the features they need… Adding different ingredients to a cocktail or removing them, or splitting checks—they’ve never had an issue related to your software. If they’re happy, I’m happy!”

Happy staff, higher profits, and diversified avenues for customers to enjoy all that Denver Distillery has to offer. That’s a homegrown home run.

*Spotlight image courtesy of Denver Distillery

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