How to Maximize Patio Season Revenue with a QR Code Ordering System

Keep reading to learn how to make the most of patio season.

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A QR code ordering system could be your secret weapon to a successful patio season. After months of winter hibernation, people are itching to take advantage of outdoor drinking and dining at their favorite spots, making patio season a lucrative time for restaurants and bars. Research shows that not only do customers laugh more when they dine and drink al fresco, but 43% of millennials also spend more on alcohol outside.

In colder climates, patio season can mean expanded capacity for bars and restaurants. In fact, a $200,000 investment in a seasonal outdoor space can translate to $500,000 in sales and a whopping 65% profit margin.

Equipped with a QR code ordering system like Arryved OpenTab, your business can maximize revenue during patio season. With the right contactless ordering solution, customers have the flexibility to order through their phones, order with a server, or switch from self-service to full-service (or vice versa) throughout their visit.

Keep reading to learn how to make the most of patio season and:

The Benefits of QR Code Ordering Systems

While contactless ordering began as a stopgap pandemic solution, many bars, breweries, and restaurants have retained it thanks to the technology’s impact on customer satisfaction and profits–especially during patio season. Here are all of the ways a QR code ordering system can serve your business:

More Sales

When patio customers don’t have to go inside and wait in a line at the bar to order more food and drinks, or wait for a server to take their order, they can order more, faster. Venues that use Arryved OpenTab see a tab size increase of 37%.

Focus on Hospitality

Your regulars and returning visitors probably already know their way around your menu and may want their favorite beer or appetizer delivered to their table ASAP. New customers, however, may have questions about your draft list or may not know how service works at your venue. 

With a QR code ordering system, 30-40% of customers typically serve themselves, allowing staff to have more bandwidth to provide a full-service experience to those who want it. More attention for customers means more tips for servers. Breweries using Arryved OpenTab see an average tip size increase of 27%.

Increased Capacity & Optimized Staffing

QR codes let customers order from anywhere on your property, allowing you to expand your capacity without increasing your labor costs. Instead of canceling staff if it rains, you can service more square footage with the same number of team members. And, because customers can pay and leave faster by serving themselves with a QR code, table turnover speeds up, helping make room for more guests.

Reduced Wait Times

With some customers ordering on their phones, there will be shorter lines at the bar for those who want help from a bartender. Self-service patrons will also get their food and drinks faster because they don’t have to wait for help.

Enhanced Order Accuracy

Customers self-check their orders when they place them through their mobile devices, so they get exactly what they ordered and your restaurant avoids food waste.

Increased AOV

Contactless ordering technology can suggest larger sizes, meal combos, premium add-ons, and other upselling and cross-selling opportunities, helping boost your average order value.

Accurate Menus

When your QR code ordering system integrates with your POS, the menu customers see online is always up to date.


A system like OpenTab lets you turn contactless ordering on and off, giving you the ultimate flexibility to serve customers however you would like. For example, you might turn QR code ordering on during the weekend rush or when a bartender unexpectedly calls in sick, and turn it off when you have all hands on deck or business is slow.

How to Implement a QR Code Ordering System for Your Patio

Here’s how to introduce contactless ordering at your bar or restaurant and set yourself up for patio season success:

1. Choose the Right QR Code Ordering Platform

Some customers love the efficiency of self-service, while others want to interact with a server. Look for a flexible contactless ordering system, like Arryved OpenTab, that lets customers start with self-service or full-service, and switch service methods throughout their time on your patio.

Most importantly, look for a tool that excels at QR code ordering but can do so much more. With a complete POS solution that comes with contactless ordering, you’ll also have access to powerful inventory management, reporting, and loyalty tools.  

2. Train Staff

Train staff on how to use your new system and how to teach customers to use the system. Encourage servers to let customers know they don’t have to order from a QR code and can view a physical menu if they prefer.

3. Display QR Codes 

Display QR codes prominently on patio tables and next to your bar, so customers who are waiting in line can take ordering into their own hands. 

Include basic instructions, such as “scan with your phone’s camera to order,” on the QR code print outs. Consider including language that explains why it’s advantageous to order from the QR code. For example, you could tell customers they’ll get their food faster and can close out their tabs whenever they’d like.

Laminate the QR codes to protect them on rainy days.

4. Advertise Contactless Ordering

Let customers know about your new contactless ordering system through your marketing efforts. Spread the word through your email newsletter or several social media posts. 

5. Offer Incentives for QR Code Ordering

If you want to launch QR code ordering with a bang, consider offering a small discount to customers the first time they use it, or to the first 50 customers that try it.

Contactless Ordering Success Stories

Need some real-world inspiration to incentivize you to introduce QR code ordering this patio season? Look no further!

Staff at Washington, DC’s Red Bear Brewing Co. are able to spend more time with customers now that 35-45% of customers are serving themselves through Arryved’s OpenTab QR code ordering system.

“Those who do want to order from the bar can, and they get more service time with bartenders because a large portion of orders come from OpenTab,” says Cameron Raspet, the brewery’s founder and director.

Across the coast in Thousand Oaks, California, Tarantula Hill Brewing Co. was struggling with lines before using OpenTab. By giving customers the ability to serve themselves, the brewery can now run food and beer out faster and know exactly where customers are.

Those are success stories from just two OpenTab users. Arryved’s cumulative data, however, shows that tabs opened in OpenTab are on average 37% higher and that tips average 27% higher than traditional tabs.

Get Ready for Patio Season With a QR Code Ordering System

Equipped with a flexible contactless ordering solution your business can give customers the freedom to order how and when they want this patio season. To make the most of this festive time, look for a POS system that comes with a QR code ordering tool, like Arryved OpenTab.

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