Tahoe National Brewing Company Streamlines Back Of House Operations Using Arryved & Shogo

Shogo provides advanced configurability and automatically syncs your Arryved sales data with your accounting software each morning, leaving you more time to focus on the tasks that matter.

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Tahoe City is a coveted vacation destination regardless of the season, especially for Bay Area Californians well acquainted with good food and drinks. Lucky for them and anyone who visits the northwest shore of Lake Tahoe, there’s a delicious rotating menu of beer and fine dining food options at Tahoe National Brewing Company

The owner of Tahoe National, David Renkert, grew up on a dairy farm and felt right at home among the tanks of a brewery. David worked in multiple restaurants, went to culinary school, and learned how to brew beer with a friend before opening Tahoe National, his first restaurant, in June 2022. 

David’s previous experience in fine dining exposed him to many legacy point of sale systems, but he knew Tahoe National would need a more modern solution. 

“Knowing how technology has changed so incredibly much, I knew I wasn’t going to go in that direction,” David says about legacy POS systems. “I was looking for something more brewery-specific and flexible. We found that with Arryved, it works well for our needs.”

Those needs? Easy-to-use tools that save time, money, and support their constantly evolving menu. 

A Straightforward POS Makes New Hire Training & Beer Flight Assembly Fast

Being located in a tourist-heavy town with transient workers exacerbates existing staffing problems for Tahoe National. When the team onboards new hires, David finds relief in knowing that Arryved’s intuitive interface requires very little training.

“When I get a new server on the floor, they know how to use that system within 5 minutes. It’s really straightforward and easy for them to use, so that’s been a big help,” David says. 

Speaking of easy-to-use, David’s service team leans on Arryved’s flight tools to assemble medlies of tasters for thirsty guests. Not only is customizing the amount of pours and chosen styles simple, but flights also prompt higher tab sizes

“Flights turn into full pints or packaged sales, for sure,” David nods. There’s nothing like a tool that streamlines personalizing a guest’s experience and inspires another round—even if it’s at home!

The Shogo Accounting Integration Saves Time & Money

Tahoe National uses Arryved’s integration with Shogo, an automated tool that syncs sales data with their accounting software each morning. Shogo’s flexible accounting features paired with Arryved’s straightforward file export capability lets Tahoe National upload their sales data directly into QuickBooks

“With this add-on, we’re able to split the revenue coming into QB into various categories based on the coding in Arryved,” says Nancy Herrera, partner at Sitkoff/O’Neil Accountancy Corporation, impressed with the functionalities Shogo provides for her client.  “For example, we’re able to show all food as one income item, beverages as another, events as a third.  Also, with Shogo, we’re able to import all of the previous data from the date we started using Arryved.”

The automated work of Shogo and Arryved saves the Tahoe National team a significant amount of time, money, and manpower. It’s hours of costly work for an individual to manually upload sales data every day, not including the additional time required for reconciliation or solving human errors. 

But, with 8 accounting systems and multiple posting methods supported, Shogo starts at about $1 per day, per location. Among hundreds of other breweries, bars, and restaurants who trust the Arryved/Shogo integration, Tahoe National rests assured knowing their sales data is accurate and avoids the headache of having to invest resources into a less reliable solution. 

Dynamic Menus & Inventory Management Tools Support Rotating Food & Drink Options

David frequently experiments with Tahoe National’s menu, rotating freshly brewed beer and “fine dining food in a casual approach.” The kitchen has served French, Italian, ramen, and, most recently, German plates, including käsespätzle, schweinshaxe, and your typical sourdough pretzel with some not-so-typical duck confit garlic. And this is all in addition to 12-15 beer taps!

“As we’re making those changes, obviously we have to update inventory, pricing, and we’re always making changes in the backend,” David says. “I can see why other restaurants don’t do this, because it’s a lot of work, but with Arryved it’s been easy. The ability to roll in there and clone an item really quickly, that helps a ton.”

Arryved’s cloud-based backend tools make updating a beer tap, or an entire food menu, simple. A flexible tech stack supports Tahoe Brewing’s experimentation and doesn’t hinder them with extensive, timely processes

“Inventory management right now has been really key for us. Being able to do things on the fly on the floor as needed is super handy,” David shares. 

Not only does the Arryved system make things easy to update, David and his team can do it all from the floor. Now staff members don’t waste extra time kicking a keg while a guest toe taps for their schnitzel—or whatever mouthwatering dish is on the menu next month!

Shogo takes care of your daily sales accounting so you don’t need to. Learn more about the accounting systems Shogo integrates with, key benefits of the software, and how to get started: Arryved & Shogo integration

Featured image courtesy of Tahoe National Brewing.

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