What Is The Best POS System For A Pop-Up Bar?

Dive into all of the must-have features of bar POS systems that best support pop-up bars

Optimizing Your Bar Point of Sale

You already know that pop-up bars pose a big monetary advantage for craft beverage businesses. But what is the best POS system for a pop-up bar?

Dive into all of the must-have features of bar POS systems that best support pop-up bars below!

The Best POS System For A Pop-Up Bar Supports 5 Star Customer Service

Because pop-up bars are such significant traffic drivers, you need a bar POS system that can handle upticks in business while assisting your staff in maintaining an exceptional guest experience. The following POS system features allow for just that!

Mobile POS

We know that mobile POS systems are now a must for fast paced bars. Their portability makes traveling to off-site events or all around a large establishment easy for staff members, which makes them great tools for pop-up bars as well. Now staff can tackle a line from all sides with a mobile device, versus simply coaxing a line forward. 

The ability to service people wherever they are is made even more advantageous with an intuitive, easy to use interface. Staff can input orders quickly while being in the midst of any beverage-drinking chaos. Plus, because mobile POS accepts a wide variety of payment types, no checkout process is ever slowed down. Fast, flexible service is just what the doctor guest ordered!

Card On File

When you’re swiping cards and crafting cocktails, you don’t have time to manage a rolodex of credit cards. Plus, pop-up bars typically mean limited spaces that don’t offer the room to store one! With card on file from the best POS system for a pop-up bar, you can keep tabs open without requiring the hold of a physical card. Simply swipe and hand ‘em right back.

The necessity of convenience here for both staff and guests can be argued for any kind of bar environment. But card on file is especially helpful for pop-up bars because it’s guaranteed that there are several places to order from. You wouldn’t want to hold a card at a main bar, and prevent guests from ordering at the pop-up set up outside. Making it as easy as possible for guests to order is an ideal ordering experience. 

Offline Mode

Speaking of reducing ordering friction, offline mode is another tool from the best POS system for a pop-up bar. Avoid any uncontrollable interruptions in service—be it weather or internet connectivity issues—by continuing to take orders in offline mode. Once you’re back online, all orders sync across systems again. 

This POS feature definitely comes in handy when you’re on the road and unsure of the internet options available at your next pop-up stop!

Customized Venues & Menus

When running a pop-up bar off premise, you’re likely offering a limited menu item list. After all, it’s hard to bring all of the inventory with you! 

Maximize service efficiency by curating a menu specific to the upcoming pop-up bar that lists only the menu items you’re prepared to sell. Then, when staff input orders at the pop-up, they don’t have to scroll through the entirety of menu items. Save time by narrowing down the options and get those orders in fast with this tool from the best POS system for a pop-up bar. 

Service Model Flexibility

QR code ordering is another feature that allows for service efficiency, and for service model flexibility. By empowering guests to start, add to, or close their own tabs right from their own phones, you add another layer of ordering ease that then encourages larger tab and tip sizes

Plus, with a pop-up bar, you have another drink assembly area and another source of runners that can ensure contactless orders are delivered quickly. 

The Whale: A Craft Beer Collective’s Whale on Wheels pop-up bar.

The Best POS System For A Pop-Up Bar Ensures Superb Product Quality

Exceptional service doesn’t mean much if the drinks you’re serving aren’t deliciously ice-cold. Here are some features from the best POS system for a pop-up bar that help ensure superb product quality:

Necessary Equipment

If you’re planning to serve brews at your pop-up bar, you’ll need some portable draft equipment that keeps your products cold and taplines pouring smoothly. Coldbreak’s jockey boxes, jumper boxes, and other lightweight, mobile equipment is a great solution for that! 

Other equipment you won’t want to forget (excluding mobile devices from the best POS system for a pop-up bar):

  • Shaded pop-up bar cover: You’ll want to keep your staff cool, too!
  • Branded merchandise and to-go goods: If there’s an opportunity to upsell, you should take it. 
  • Tip jar: Cash is more common for off premise pop-up bars. Collect those well-earned tips!
  • Signage: Pique interest by passersby, and get your brand name out there!

Real Time Reporting

A simple taste test isn’t enough to deem whether any given beverage is up to your business’s standards. The real determinant is in your POS system’s data! And knowing which beverages perform best is key when deciding what menu items to curate for a pop-up bar. 

The best POS system for a pop-up bar offers cloud-based reporting that populates your online dashboard with real-time data. Plus, it breaks down sales by beverages at ounce-level! That timeliness and specificity in reporting give you an opportunity at any point in the day to check in on performance. 

You can also filter by revenue center, meaning you can determine the most profitable pop-up bars and iterate as you see fit to match performance levels elsewhere. 

Inventory Management

Managing inventory can be a big headache when it comes to selling from a variety of revenue centers. Luckily, the best POS system for a pop-up bar syncs all inventory depletions from all sources, streamlining the process of keeping accurate inventory counts for your back of house staff. 

Plus, with inventory management integrations, you can make all parts of your business work together. Make menus sync with all other systems so that as inventory depletes—regardless of where from—all menus automatically reflect the remaining inventory available. This keeps guests from ordering something that’s no longer in stock, and also saves staff time from hurrying to nix a menu item that’s out. 

The Best POS System For A Pop-Up Bar Establishes Relationships With Guests

Because of all the incoming traffic from new markets, the best POS system for a pop-up bar knows you need to make a lasting relationship with every guest you meet. These POS features make a good impression and will inspire guests to be your business’s fan for life. 

Loyalty Program

What better way to stay in touch than to get adoring guests right on your mailing list? The best POS system for a pop-up bar offers a fully integrated loyalty program that makes it easy to collect email addresses at checkout for those that want to sign up. That way, you can reach out to those seasoned event-goers about your next party, or invite them in to visit your tasting room or bar! 

Loyalty programs drive long-term traffic by offering a myriad of rewards to members:

  • Discounted goods
  • Exclusive access to special merch or events
  • Involvement in a like-minded community
  • Points to earn and redeem for free stuff

Plus, the best POS system for a pop-up bar lets you manage all memberships from one place. Track membership stats, points accrued and redeemed, and send messages to members right from your POS portal! A customizable program lets your creative juices run wild.

Do Good 

Another way to impress guests is by showing how civic minded your business is. By implementing donation at checkout from the best POS system for a pop-up bar, you can collect small donations from satisfied guests and make a positive impact on an organization of your choosing. Everybody wins in that situation: You communicate to guests that your business supports the community and money is raised for a good cause!

Planning your next pop-up bar? Check out all of these features and more in a free, custom demo from Arryved POS!

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