What Makes Arryved The Most Trusted Point Of Sale (POS) In Food & Beverage

Trust is the backbone to any good relationship. Here’s why Arryved POS is the most trusted in food and beverage.

Level Up with Arryved Point of Sale

We’re constantly putting our trust in technology in our everyday lives: We trust phone alarms to wake us up in the morning, map apps to get us where we need to be, and watches to track our fitness goals.

Apple, Google, and other tech giants have established trust in their respective industries by being trailblazers in innovation and making consistently reliable products. Your alarm wakes you up every morning, so you depend on it to do the same tomorrow. 

But how do you trust technology you haven’t used before? Here’s what makes Arryved POS the food and beverage industry’s most trusted point of sale system.

Arryved Is Committed To YOU, The Food & Beverage Spots We Serve

Arryved listens to, learns from, and designs for the businesses we serve. Our humble beginnings talking shop in breweries and getting real-time feedback from servers and managers established trust in the POS system early on. Nowadays, our team continues to talk shop in bars, restaurants, and other craft beverage spots so we can learn about the businesses we serve and build products based on their needs. 

Plus, Arryved hires food and beverage veterans to maintain our industry expertise. 78% of the Arryved team has a hospitality background—Owners, General Managers, Executive Chefs, Servers, Bussers, Bartenders, you name it! This tangible experience gives our employees the unique ability to empathize with, understand, and solve your problems. And our 2 back-to-back Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service prove we’re doing that exceptionally!

“If there’s something that we need, we just ask. 9 times out of 10, even if it’s something that you can’t do right now, you take it up the ladder and see what you can do. It’s never just ‘no’,” shares Todd Evans, Co-owner of Diskin Cider. 

Arryved Prioritizes Security To Keep Your Business, Staff, & Guests Safe

Of course, as a software company handling precious data like credit card information, Arryved practices strict security measures both internally and externally:

  • Our system was built by one of the most distinguished payment engineers in the country.
  • We consistently exceed PCI (Payment Card Industry) Standards used by card brands in their yearly audits.
  • We encrypt all SPII (Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information) so no card data is ever exposed.
  • A dedicated security team meets weekly to ensure we’re compliant with security standards and has several checks and balances in place.

Employing honest staff and maintaining thorough security processes throughout the Arryved system has earned the trust of our merchants. 

Arryved Promises A Transparent, Honest Partnership With Our Merchants

Arryved’s core mission is to build transparent, trustworthy partnerships with business owners. Partnership is a key word because we truly believe that Arryved only succeeds when you do

We’ve proven our transparency by detailing our profit-friendly pricing structure. In fact, we even hosted a public webinar breaking down POS system costs! In an industry where POS providers notoriously implement hidden fees or mask them under confusing processing fee structure terms, Arryved’s upfront fees are refreshing and novel. 

Todd from Diskin Cider agrees: “Since Day 1, you all have been partners with us. The peace of mind of having a partner that you trust can only help your business grow, and that’s what I feel like with Arryved.”

Here are some case studies if you’re interested in learning more about successful Arryved Partnerships:

  • Hi-Wire Brewing trusts Arryved to launch and support all 11 taprooms they’ve expanded into after their 10 short years.
  • The Rayback’s “entire business model and service model is informed by Arryved’s functionality.” And it’s working, because this bar does $3-4k in beverage sales per hour!
  • Denver Distillery relies on Arryved’s Offline Mode when traveling to events around the state, which has proven to be a significant new revenue stream for the growing business.

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