4 Misconceptions About QR Code Ordering Debunked

We’re here to debunk 4 common misconceptions about QR code menus, ordering, and payments, and instead prove how the technology not only improves guest experiences but also helps to combat rising labor costs.

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Let’s address the elephant in the room: Food and beverage businesses are hesitant to implement QR code menus, ordering, and payments. 

Owners and other stakeholders are worried about the technology’s negative impact on guest experiences. Plus, from their perspective, contactless ordering isn’t necessarily an easy try-before-you-buy tool. 

At the same time, the industry is continuing to battle rising costs across every aspect of business from labor to ingredients to equipment. 

We’re here to debunk 4 common misconceptions about QR code menus, ordering, and payments, and instead prove how the technology not only improves guest experiences but also helps to combat rising labor costs.

Misconception #1: QR Codes Prevent Guests From Ordering With Staff, Which They Prefer

First off, of course guests love interacting with your knowledgeable and friendly staff. And who could blame them?

But big debunk incoming: You can have guests use BOTH staff and QR codes to order. It’s not an all or nothing thing!

Using a floating service model, staff greet and seat your guests before telling your brand’s story or highlighting special menu items. Then, your team member introduces the guests to your QR code tool, takes the first round of drink orders, and lets guests know they can use either QR code ordering or staff to order more

If guests prefer to sit back and wait for your staff to take their entree orders, they can! If a guest wants their second drink ASAP, they scan the QR code, claim their existing tab, and place additional orders. 

For the rest of their visit, the table can toggle between ordering themselves or via staff, and all of it winds up on the same tab. When it’s time to leave, guests can close themselves out or do that with staff, too.

As you can tell, this hybrid service model delights guests with both staff interactions and the ease of ordering from their own devices. 

Misconception #2: I Don’t Want QR Codes Replacing My Lovable Staff

A common concern is that technology is taking jobs away from people. In reality, these particular “robots” are designed to support staff and make their jobs easier.

By letting QR code technology handle administrative tasks, such as collecting orders and payments from guests, your team saves precious time. Now, servers can ditch that boring admin chatter and instead engage guests in exciting conversations about upcoming events or what pairs best with your Summer Riesling. Plus, with all the time saved, staff can serve more guests!

Remember: QR code tools aren’t intended to be used alone. Let your hospitable staff and savvy technology work together to curate the best guest experiences.

Misconception #3: QR Codes Won’t Sell Products As Effectively As My Staff Can

There’s no doubt that the smart salespeople you’ve hired can upsell effectively. But your team is busy! Plus, why only rely solely on your staff to upsell when QR codes can boost tabs too?

Actually, QR code ordering is proven to do just that: Cumulative data from Arryved customers shows that tabs opened via a QR code are 37% higher on average. 

Cha-ching! There are 2 primary reasons this contactless tool increases tab size:

  • It’s easier than ever for guests to order, so they order more.
  • Digital menus make promoting events, merchandise, and other upsells simple.

Misconception #4: Staff Will Feel Replaced By QR Codes & Their Tips Will Suffer

Finally, there’s a misconception about hospitality workers’ feelings toward QR codes. Staff morale is crucial for a growing business, and the last thing you want to do is implement a service model they don’t like or that diminishes their pay. 

Compensation is a big driver of staff retention. For any staff concerned, Arryved’s data proves that QR code ordering is proven to increase tip size by 27%. It turns out that attentive staff and faster service pay off!

Plus, because QR codes cover administrative tasks, it inherently means that fewer staff can handle bigger crowds—which is good news for businesses continuing to experience labor shortages. Less staff on hand means that the 27% larger tip pool is now split among fewer people. Each staff member’s portion is a bigger slice of a bigger pie!

Staff are sure to jump aboard the contactless train if they know QR codes help get bigger tips and reduce tedious admin workloads.

Leaning on both your team and QR code technology to engage guests and boost revenue is a recipe for success. Arryved POS users can easily trial OpenTab, Arryved’s profit-boosting QR code tool, by working with the award-winning Support Team. 

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