POS Feature Sets: Tools Your Small Business Should Budget For

Here we’ll break down the most prominent, needle-moving POS features that your business will benefit from utilizing.

Point of Sale

Point of sale (POS) is more than flashy payment collection technology. A POS system is an incredibly important investment because of all that it facilitates for you: streamlining operations, making your team’s jobs easier, and enhancing your guests’ experiences. 

Your POS investment is well worth it when you consider the full suite of features that accomplish all of the above goals. Here we’ll break down the most prominent, needle-moving POS features that your business will benefit from utilizing:

Cloud-Based Reporting Helps Businesses Scale

POS reports are arguably the most useful tool for any small business trying to grow. Strong data helps you:

  1. Identify what guests love and what may need tweaking
  2. Track staff hours and performance
  3. See sales trends that inform future decisions

Plus, with cloud-based reporting, all of these insights update in real time. That means owners and decision-makers can check in on performance from anywhere and at any time, trusting the numbers are accurate. 

This is especially helpful with a nimble business: Say you’re throwing a weekend-long event and your Lager is flying out of taps quicker than you expected. Knowing this at the end of Friday’s shift will help you prepare for the next two days: Stock up on other easy-drinking beer to maximize sales

Unlimited Phone & Email Support Gives Business Owners Peace Of Mind

Like all software, you’re going to have questions about your POS. Whether you’re trying to locate a certain report or things aren’t working as expected, you’ll need a Support Team available. 

The quality of POS support often varies among providers. Some POS companies put you in a long queue with hundreds of other people only for a robot to half-heartedly assist you. 

Because this is such a valuable feature of your potential POS, ensure you’re getting access to real human support. You’re in an industry that’s fast-paced, and you deserve timely, friendly support from real people who understand your problems. 

Marketing Tools Grow Your Brand & Customer Base

Marketing helps you stay top of mind to current fans and cast a wide net of soon-to-be fans, which is critical to building your brand name. 

Gift cards: Your POS handles all things payment related, so the system should also handle loading and redeeming gift cards. These are great to have on hand: They make perfect gifts and ensure future business. Cha-ching!

Loyalty programs: Also referred to as rewards, insider, or guest engagement programs, these are exclusive clubs of your business’s biggest fans. In exchange for their enthusiasm about your brand, loyalty members typically receive discounts, exclusive event invites, or early access to special releases. Programs are typically customizable depending on your POS system, so make it as quirky and on-brand as your heart desires.

Email marketing: Email promotions work, and don’t let anyone tell you differently! Your POS system should support email collection capabilities which typically happens at checkout. Guests are much more likely to sign up for emails after a fabulous meal and even better service.

Integrations Extend The Functionality Of Your POS

If you’re not familiar, POS software integrates with other software to make your entire system more efficient. Investment-wise, keep in mind that each integration you use will incur additional costs since these partners are entirely separate from your POS provider. 

Here’s a short list of super handy integration types that, even if not right at open, your business can benefit from using eventually:

It’s no doubt that these software streamline business operations and ensure you spend less time in the back office and more time with guests. Budget accordingly, and add integrations as you’re able to!

QR Code Menus, Ordering, & Payments Boost Revenue

Naysayers to QR codes haven’t witnessed how needle-moving they are to a business’s success! This contactless technology that boomed during the pandemic continues to benefit every party:

  • Staff save time on administrative tasks and handle larger crowds with less manpower
  • Guests have an easier time ordering, faster service, and better interactions with staff
  • Businesses see a 37% increase in tabs and 27% increase in tips on average

Besides boosting human morale as well as bottom lines, QR codes flex with your service model. Slow days call for QR code digital menus only, whereas chaotic evenings with a shorter staff are well-supported by QR code ordering and payments. 

Because QR codes are so widely adopted in the food and beverage industry, there’s very little educating your staff has to do and it’s muscle memory for guests to scan a code as soon as they see one.

Online Storefront Satisfies Off-Premise Guest Demand

Ecommerce isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, it’s accelerating: 20.8% of all sales are expected to happen online in 2023. You sure can’t beat the robots, so you should definitely join them. 

As your business scales, an online store furthers brand growth:

  • Boost sales of food, drinks, and merchandise by diversifying where guests can buy
  • Capture off-premise sales from guests that love your stuff but aren’t leaving the house
  • Move inventory so you can make space for new product releases

All of these benefits of online stores ultimately maximize revenue. Ensure the online store your POS supports is easy-to-edit, customizable, and integrates with your entire system so all sales data is in one place.

Staff Management Tools Seamlessly Handle Administrative Tasks

This POS feature is an absolute must-have because it involves your valued team: staff management tools! Because staying organized and ensuring your staff’s happiness is so important to your business’s success, your POS should provide a suite of tools that help you do just that.

Automating the following eliminates tedious admin tasks for you and makes them less privy to mistakes: 

  • Hours: Track when employees clock in and out, and capture any overtime hours. 
  • Tipping: Your team earns those tips! Make sure they get an appropriate share of tips, no matter how your tips are divvied up
  • Tax Filings: There’s a reason accountants make the big bucks. Let your POS handle tax reports so you never miss an important due date.

See you never, Excel spreadsheets!

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