What It Means To Be The Industry’s Most Secure Point of Sale (POS) System

Here’s what sets Arryved apart from all of the other POS systems out there.

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Security is the state of being free from danger. As a small business owner seeking secure point of sale (POS) partners, the danger you’re avoiding is data leaks of sensitive information. If data is left unprotected, it can result in loss of staff, guests, money, or your business entirely.

POS systems handle all of your most sensitive information—namely credit card data—so you must choose a secure one to ensure continued business success

What It Means To Be The Most Secure POS System

Arryved prides itself on being the most trusted POS for food and beverage, and that trust is earned through industry expertise and exceptional security

Here’s what sets Arryved apart from all of the other POS systems out there: 

Secure POS Systems Are Legally Compliant & Honest With Stakeholders

If you can’t trust your POS to follow the law, then why should you trust your small business in their hands?

Not all POS systems got the rule-following memo. Hindenburg Research concluded a 2-year fraud investigation of Block, Square POS’ parent company, and described their internal systems as a ”‘Wild West’ approach to compliance.” Block allegedly misled investors, embraced predatory offerings to fuel growth, and profited from fraud against consumers and the government. Yikes.

Arryved, on the other hand, upholds our brand promise of Trust and Transparency by complying with the law and being honest with stakeholders:

  • Arryved is PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) complaint and undergoes a yearly audit of all security processes. Reach out to an Arryved rep today if you’d like to take a peek into our Attestation of Compliance!

Plus, Arryved only works with partners (processors, gateways, hardware providers) who also follow PCI standards!

  • Arryved encrypts all SPII (Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information) so no card data is ever exposed.
  • Arryved hosted a public webinar—The True Cost of Your POS System—to demystify the various costs, real and hidden, associated with POS. 

When you’ve got nothing to hide, Hindenburg Research doesn’t come for you. Go figure!

Secure POS Systems Protect Your Business As If It’s Their Own

Your business is your baby, and you want to partner with a POS that treats it as such. 

Besides exceeding PCI standards and encrypting all SPII, Arryved protects your business with friendly, readily available Customer Support 7 days/week. Should any problems arise, all you have to do is reach out via phone or email and there’s a dedicated team to find resolutions ASAP. That way, you can focus on running your business and continue taking guests’ orders.

Arryved’s exceptional Customer Support is even award-winning: They’ve won back-to-back Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service and were named G2’s Best Support for Winter 2023

What does it look like when a POS doesn’t protect your business? Well, recently NCR revealed that a ransomware attack on the data centers that power their Aloha POS platform caused outages for countless customers. This left restaurants and other businesses completely unable to collect any kind of revenue for days. Some restaurants did “the old pen and paper” to document transactions and others frantically tried to make payroll for their staff. 

Insufficient security like Aloha’s presents a huge amount of risk to your business and a significant hit to revenue. Plus, your business’s and your guests’ data is left completely vulnerable and you’re unable to operate business as usual. What a pain!

Secure POS Systems Prioritize Humans Over Everything Else

You want your POS to care more about people than money and relevance. In other words, you want your POS to care about your staff and your guests as much as you do!

POS systems that aren’t secure make your people pay, unfortunately. 

  • Block’s fraudulent criminal activity ignored internal and consumer concerns and took advantage of customers that trusted Square with their data. 
  • Aloha’s data breach left staff with the tedious task of pen and paper transactions, worrying about payroll, and other headaches apart from their job descriptions. That’s precious time taken away from guests, too!

Human-centricity in POS is evident in the feature set available and in communications with the Sales, Launch, and Support Teams. Arryved goes above and beyond in every interaction, as evidenced by the award-winning Support and easy-to-onboard system

Arryved tools are built with the industry in mind, too:

  • Donation At Checkout helps businesses raise money and awareness for nonprofits in their communities. Guests simply opt-in to round up their tabs or donate whole dollar amounts!
  • Custom-built Online Stores, during the peak of the pandemic, saved businesses from having to close entirely because they were able to profit from to-go orders. 
  • Dual Pricing lets businesses cut payment processing costs without compromising the guest experience. The feature lets you maximize revenue, uphold excellent experiences, and it’s simple to set up, thanks to Arryved!

These tools, and the entire Arryved system, are built to make your life easier and workload lighterGet a demo of the most secure POS system today: Arryved POS!

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